You Сan Earn Cryptocurrency Just by Playing Games

Earn Cryptocurrency Just by Playing Games

Bitcoin is a decentralized digital currency that may be purchased, sold, and exchanged without the need for a third-party intermediary such as a banking institution. Hotel bookings on Expedia, furniture shopping on Overstock, and Xbox game purchases are all possible with bitcoin. Bitcoins have a combined market worth of USD 653 billion as of the first quarter of 2021.

How can I start earning Bitcoin?

Many websites exist on the Internet from that you may earn free Bitcoins by doing different activities such as viewing advertisements, playing games, and so on. Further, the quantity of Bitcoin you get is random and varies depending on the playing levels and winning prizes. The amount of Bitcoin you will get from those websites, though, will be quite small. However, these free bitcoins may help you make big earnings if the bitcoin price continues to increase.

How to earn bitcoins by playing games?

Can I earn bitcoin by playing games? Yes, you can earn money by playing Bitcoin games online because the pursuit of earning free cryptocurrency has led many people to look for different online crypto game platforms. These online gaming sites are famous amongst the crypto communities all around the globe as these are the games that actually pay you bitcoins, ethereum, or other cryptocurrencies.

There are many simple games accessible on the internet that immediately spring to mind for every online gambler. These platforms serve as the best means of earning cash or developing virtual currencies free of cost. The more players win, the more Bitcoins they can earn. In most of the games, every 30 minutes, gamers get free credits, depending on their location.

Meanwhile, playing these games is not safe all the time; there is a huge risk that you may lose your earned coins or subscription money. It is risky yet lucrative.

Games that actually pay you bitcoins

In this section, we will discuss the games that will actually pay you bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies.

1. Altcoin Fantasy

Altcoin Fantasy is a simulator, like Spark Profit. This game focuses on trading digital assets in a risk-free environment instead of focusing on the speculatory side of things. Trade virtual USD, use your trading strategies, and win BTC and other cryptocurrencies in the weekly and monthly trade competitions.

Altcoin Fantasy is available on both iOS and Android devices to play on a web browser.

2. Satoshi Quiz

Do you love trivia games? If you do, Satoshi Quiz is for you. This web-based quiz show allows you to earn BTC by answering questions from various categories correctly.

To win, create an account or sign up and answer correctly among the first three users. Prices vary depending on the level of the system, and every user can choose between daily, weekly or monthly prizes. Payments will be paid at the end of the week with at least 11,000 Santoshi withdrawals.

3. Spark Profit

Spark Profit is an interactive prediction application for the Bitcoin market. This simulator challenges you to predict real-currency markets such as cryptocurrencies. You will get more money if your predictions are accurate.

You can cash out your winnings at BTC once you get enough points in the game. The game is available on any web browser and an Android and iOS application.

4. Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity is a digital world of living creatures where Axies can raise, trade, and battle. You start by downloading the application from the website, and then you purchase Axies from Ethereum.

Benefit by taking Small Love Potions (SLPs) through daily quests, adventures, and the defeat of challengers on the arena. Then you can sell them for money on secondary markets. Axie will also reward players for climbing the arena ranks.

This is one of the most lucrative blockchain games since players can make money by diligently playing this game – up to USD 400 a week. While in some countries it can change chumps, in developing countries, that amount can feed a family.

This blockchain game can be played on the platform of Ethereum. Axie Infinity can be played on your iOS and Android devices.

5. RollerCoin

RollerCoin is a virtual BTC mining simulator in which you can earn block rewards. It essentially takes the fun part of mining, removing all the technical and boring substance from the equation, and allows you to test your skills, carry out tasks, complete missions and play games to construct your mining empire.

Enhance your mining power with side missions, mini-tasks, and upgrades when dealing with practical tasks such as electricity bills, air conditioning costs, and renting. The site then releases a block reward every five minutes, which all participants share according to their mining power.

6. Bitcoin Alien Run

Bitcoin Alien Run is a platformer game in the Mario style that takes you on a journey with Daniel D’Alien with unique missions around the galaxy and rewards BTC when it’s finalized.

This smartphone-based game is on Android and iOS operating systems and offers weekly payments every Tuesday.

Numerous bitcoin gaming websites and online streaming services are only accessible in a few regions. To unblock all games, you can use VeePN’s virtual private network. VeePN will surely help you to unblock games online without any hurdle or security issue.

Can you convert bitcoin to cash?

There are two primary methods to convert bitcoin into cash and then relocate it to a bank account. In the first method, you can use an exchange broker from a third party. These third parties, including bitcoin ATMs and debit cards, exchange your bitcoins for cash at a specified rate. It’s easy and safe, and another method is to sell your bitcoin, in which you use peer-to-peer transactions. This is a faster and more anonymous way to sell your bitcoin to someone else directly.

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