How you can use your after-work time to upgrade yourself

Whether it is working from the office or work from home, our daily work pressure remains the same. Now that blowing off steam with coworkers is out of the picture as we work remotely from our homes, it becomes difficult to use our after work hours productively. Here are some tips that will help you make the most out of your time after your 9 to 5 job ends. Remember that it’s not necessary to follow this guide every day but even if you come through with it 70% of the time, then you will have achieved the end goal.

Sign up for a course to stay accountable

A lot of people find it difficult to build after-work routine because of the lack of accountability. After work, we don’t have any boss to answer to. Therefore signing up for a course or a training program can help you get rid of your excuses when you know that you have to attend a lecture at a fixed time. Maybe you can sign up for an ethical hacking course online and use your ‘student energy’ to channelise your productivity in the right direction. Make sure that the course you’re signing up for helps you in ways that go beyond just being productive. If you could enroll for a course that will get you a promotion at your work, then you will be more motivated to do it.

Share your achievements in advance with your colleagues

If you share your achievements with your colleagues before you complete them, then you are more likely to go through with them. It might sound strange but it actually works. We should not underestimate the impact of social pressure on our lives. The gratification that we get from sharing our achievements can help us go beyond our usual, limited selves and be more productive. So maybe you could tell one of your close colleagues that you are getting your CEH certification training certification at the end of this month before you even enroll for the course. As soon as the coworker will congratulate you and will tell you that they are proud of you, your brain will automatically be wired to make it a reality.

Make a small to-do list with achievable goals

Making a to-do list at work can help you stay organized throughout the day. In the same way, making a to-do list for after work hours can also help you stay on track. To make sure that you keep up with your to-do list tasks, you need to keep your to-do list real and practical. Avoid any ambitious tasks in the beginning and start with small, achievable goals. If at the beginning of this process, you don’t complete your tasks, then the disappointment can lead you to completely discard the whole process. Remember that these are tasks for after work hours which means that you will have already exhausted most of your willpower during the day completing your work tasks. So, plan accordingly and smartly. Work on those tasks first that are not overwhelming for you. Once you complete your tasks for a week or so, you will be motivated further by your progress. You can also use a weekly to-do list rather than a daily to-do list to give yourself buffer time on days when you are feeling exhausted and spent up from work. You can also use rewards at the end of your task list to add that extra dose of motivational fuel.

Hope you end up implementing these tips after work today!

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