30 thoughts on “ClixSense Review : How to Earn Money From Clixsense Full Guide”

  1. ExcuseMe4NotDisclosing

    Hey Stg,
    Good article. Seems like you are an Indian person. First let me congratulate you on your earnings because you are a fellow Indian, as I am.
    I have three queries , would be great help if those are clarified because as you are experienced with Clixsense, so you can provide first hand information to the inexperienced ones like me and others.

    1> Can someone register with clixsense under a different name (ie. firstname, lastname etc) because for some security reasons some would want to keep their real profile details restricted. I ask this because while working on surveys (The survey category of Clixsense) on different survey situations one has to supply his/her profile details, so its good to ask beforehand if an unreal identity is suitable or not, because there may be complications in future in doing so.

    2> Surveys & Tasks: I have researched and found online , some claim that any member from low ranking places (like India, Sri Lanka etc) than high ranking places like (USA, Europe etc) will have the least number of surveys or no surveys available to them due to admin preferences due to their country ranking. But surprisingly I find you making positive comments on surveys viz. “You can click on the Surveys tab, check the available surveys and complete them to earn money. You will get paid $0.5 to $1 for completing a survey. When you signup, you will get at least 3-4 surveys.”. How many surveys can an Indian member expect each day ?

    3> Tasks: I have also found some gentlemen to claim on their blogs that one can do as many tasks on this site as he/she wants. The payout per task maybe not so big but the choice to do unlimited tasks is upto the member. Can you validate the truth of this statement.

    Thanks for your nice article and also for your time.Good luck.

    1. ok… you can use any name in clicksense, provided id available as username. there is no such rule that a particular day you can get 3 or 4 or 5 survey. It totally depend on clixsense site how many survey they provide on that.

      for 3rd , i am not sure about that, thank you for ur support and keep visiting 🙂

      1. ExcuseMe4NotDisclosing

        Thank you sir, just one more thing for now….. can you tell what time is the best time to be actively working on clixsense off the whole day based on Indian time standards. Like I assume some may dedicate their whole day on PTC or lets say clixsense for our purpose for higher income, but for someone who can only dedicate 1-2 hrs a day what is a more suitable span of time off the whole day ?…(like more adverts, tasks etc)…..I was thinking the early hrs (6.00 to 8.00 Am?)…….Thanks for for immediate response. Cheers.

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  3. How to get real referrals. I am a clixsense member. I do get referrals, but they fade away within no time.Hence my query.

    1. you will get real referral when your referred user uses clixsense. some user just sign up and don’t use it, so those users are not of use

  4. PTC is one of the easiest way to make money online, was a clixsense member due to lack of time i quit. But am using neobux p.t.c till now i earned more than 193 cashout instantly through paypal… i knew many clixsense members are earnings nice cashouts every month.. thanks for sharing how to earn money on clixsense.

    1. complete those survey which are available for your country, if you complete any survey successfully then only you will get money.

  5. Bt theire are no paypal option to click they have something like payza, payone, tang card etc… Bt nothing paypal how can i set out it….?

  6. hello i am your refferal since 8 months and i have 50 dollars in my clixsense account but now paypal and payza removed so now which is best option for withdraw plz reply…

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