How to earn money from Reliance Jio’s new app JioPOS Lite

earn money from JioPOS Lite

The JioPOS Lite app will allow you to earn 4.16 percent commission on every recharge you perform for others. So you can recharge others number and earn money from Reliance Jio’s new app JioPOS Lite. Reliance Jio has launched the JioPOS Lite app that will enable anyone to become a Jio partner and enable them to earn money if they recharge currency for other prepaid Jio users.

The JioPOS Lite app allows Jio users to become a Jio Partner and perform prepaid recharges for other Jio subscribers and earn money. The registration is pretty easy and doesn’t require any paperwork.

How much commission do you get

Jio promises to offer 4.16 percent commission to Jio Partners for every Jio recharge you perform for others. You can monitor these earnings from the passbook feature within the app that keeps transaction records of the last 20 days.

A similar service has been rolled out by Airtel for its customers as well. This comes amidst the time when the recharge outlets are closed due to coronavirus-induced lockdown. Follow below steps to earn money from Reliance Jio’s new app JioPOS Lite

How to earn money using JioPOS Lite app

1) You need to first download the JioPOS Lite app for Android via the Google Play Store –Click Here 

2) Once the app is installed, give it the necessary permissions and login with your Jio number and email id to become Jio Partner.

3) After the registration process is done, the app will ask you to load money of Rs 500, Rs 1,000, and Rs 2,000 denominations into your wallet.

4) You’re now all set to go. For every Jio prepaid recharge you perform for someone else, 4.16 percent of the recharge amount will be credited back.

5) Since the app doesn’t ask for bank details, the commission will most likely be transferred to JioPOS Lite’s wallet, which you can use for the next recharge.

The JioPOS Lite app is basically a platform to recharge Jio numbers. It may sound similar to MyJio app or Jio website, but the telco doesn’t offer you commission on the latter apps. The JioPOS Lite lets you earn a percentage of every recharge you do via the app.  For that, you need to be a Jio Partner, which can be done through JioPOS Lite app. The registration process doesn’t require any paperwork or physical verification, but you need to have a Jio number to be eligible to become a Jio Partner.

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