(Back Again) Ruuh FB Offer: Refer 10 Friends & Get ₹ 100 Amazon Voucher Absoultely Free

Ruuh FB Offer: Ruuh Fb A Fictional Character! : Refer 10 Friends and Get Rs 100 Amazon Gift Voucher!!

How To Avail Ruuh FB Offer:

1) First Of All, Click Here.

Now Open Above Link In Facebook Messenger Or Facebook App Or Fb Site.

2) After Click Above Link A Ruuh Chat Will Appear & You Just Have To Do Is Send Hii Message To The Bot.

3) After Sending Hii To Ruhh Again Send #ruuhfriends Untill They Send You Refer Link.

4) After Getting Your Refer Link Just Share It with Your Friend & Family.

5) When Friend Download Start Chatting With “Ruuh” , It Will Be Count As Valid Refer.

Terms & Condition Of Ruuh FB Offer:

1) You win Amazon coupons for recommending your friends to chat with Ruuh. For example, if you get 10 people talking to Ruuh, you’ll get Amazon coupons worth ₹100 and if you get 30 people talking to Ruuh, you’ll get coupons worth ₹300 and so on.

2) The contest is open only from 5:00PM – 9:00PM on 9th January, 2018.

3) The maximum amount of coupons that can be won by one person is of worth Rs.1000/- Only.

4) In order for your referral to be valid, the friend you refer must not have chatted with Ruuh previously. It has to be a completely new user.

5) You can get your coupons by saying #RuuhFriends to Ruuh.

6) Every coupon has an ID and a code attached to it. It’s displayed as Code/ID.

7) You can add Amazon coupon to your account here: https://aka.ms/amazoncoupon

8) You can check your gift card history here: https://aka.ms/giftcardhistory

How To redeem The Coupon:

1) Message #ruuhfriends again to that bot
2) They will send coupon
3) Copy that and add in Amazon Add Gift Voucher Page
4) U will get Rs.100 Instantly

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