6 thoughts on “Trick to ‎Use EBay old Number Again‬ in New Account – Ebay Single Number Multiple Id’s Trick”

  1. You can still use the same number on a new account as long as all of your personal info except the email are the same. If you plan to reuse the number in a new account with different info, they will just link the accounts and suspend both of them.

    I had it happened to me before until I read the eBay incognito guide by Auction Essistance.

  2. I’m follow same step. And last log out eBay account and create new account for old number. select products and payment page and apply promo code but eBay said this promo code only 1st perches ,your perches already another id. My 30 minutes vest for this prosses.

    1. bro, you many have missed some step, i personally tried this and it is working, i bought a Rs 99 Pen drive from my OLD Number. You can check proof also which i have posted in the Ebay Pendrive Post.

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