Trick to Transfer Mobikwik Supercash to Tapzo and use 100% Mobikwik Supercash

Trick to Transfer Mobikwik Supercash : Recently Mobikwik introduced Supercash in which you can use only 10% of the cashback in your Next Transaction from Mobikwik, so in this Trick we will provide you trick from which you can use your 100% Mobikwik Supercash and also you can Transfer Mobikwik Supercash to Tapzo App.

The process of earning SuperCash will be same as old cashback. Each offer/promo code/ coupon code will have an associated amount of SuperCash with it that you will receive. Upon using that offer/code, the respective SuperCash will be credited to your MobiKwik wallet. you use 10% of SuperCash on every transaction.

Trick to Transfer Mobikwik Supercash

1. First of all Install Tapzo App in your Android Mobile [Skip This step if you already have]

2. Go to tapzo recharge option.

3. select any number and type the wrong state and operator wrong.

4. Assuming 200 as supercash, type Rs.20 amount(10% of supercash)

5. Proceed to payment you will find mobikwik as option to recharge. (You will get option to pay Rs.20 via mobikwik supercash)

6. Proceed. Recharge will get failed and refund will be in Tapzo account.

7. Repeat the above steps as per amount of super cash left.

8. It will ask for otp verification for mobiwkik first time only, after that no need to enter any details. Many people are buying supercash and converting in to tapzo cash by this method.

9. Try at your own Risk as some times recharge got Success.

Other Details of Mobikwik Supercash

1. You can use 10% of your total SuperCash amount in every payment you make with MobiKwik.

2.  Your SuperCash expires 45 days after the end of the calendar month in which you received SuperCash. For example: If you received SuperCash 3 times in the month of January (say on Jan 1, Jan 15 & Jan 31), all of the SuperCash expires on March 15, 2017, unless utilized before that.

3. You cannot transfer SuperCash to another wallet or to a bank account.

4.  SuperCash to be used in the FIFO – First In First, Out – format. The SuperCash you receive in January gets used before the SuperCash you received in February.

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  1. Ravi agnihotri

    It was not working today on 15 may 2017 is there is another trick to transfer mobikwik super cash to tapzo

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