Node.Js is a server-side platform developed in 2009 and built on Chrome’s JavaScript (V8 Engine) for building fast and scalable applications. It is an open-source cross-platform run time environment that delivers seamless front-end and back-end interaction. Some of the most popular and largest companies hire Node.Js programmers to transition to Node.js for scalability and high performance. That’s why if you had been researching the market already there are only a few skilled node.js developers for hire out there.

3 Largest Companies that are Using Node.JS


Paypal is one of the most popular and largest platforms for worldwide internet payments with over 350 million active users and a staggering $451bn in payment volume. In 2013, the company decided to move from Java to JavaScript and Node to build its application’s customer-facing side. This resulted in better performance of the app with double the number of requests handled per second and a 30% decrease in response time. Since the migration, customers using the platform make transactions in over 100 currencies easily and in quick time.


This is the biggest video streaming platform in the world, available in over 190 countries with more than 192 million users. Due to the volume of users and about 1 billion hours of video streaming weekly, Netflix needed a scalable solution with reduced startup time to handle requests. Switching to Node.js means they were able to go from 40mins to less than 1 minute. The whole user interface of the platform is built with Node.js as a single page and with the same backend and front end language, making for a more efficient performance which translates to about 70% reduction in startup time for the new app.


LinkedIn needs no introduction being the largest professional social media platform in the world.  The networking service was built in 2002 and allows users to connect with other users while inviting non-users. The platform is available in over 200 countries, 24 languages and more than 700 million members. The mobile app for the platform has approximately 64 million unique members all over the world and to perform on that scale the technology has to be built on an efficient framework which is where Node.js came in. In 2011, they migrated from Ruby on Rails, their synchronous mobile app to an asynchronous evented system with the Node.js framework and it now powers the server side of the mobile app. This doubled the app’s traffic capacity, making it up to 20 times faster in some cases with less memory overhead. This proved to be so beneficial to the company and users that they built the whole mobile software stack with Node.js. 


Retail giant, Walmart, also made a transition to Node.js in its mobile applications in 2012. The company serves over 270 million customers weekly, operates in more than 28 countries and under more than 59 names, over 23million items in sales and generating over $500bn in revenue. During holiday seasons the traffic to its website and mobile app can reach up to 20,000 in a second. The company aiming to become the largest online retail place wanted a system with a set of efficient and scalable modules, allow changes and fixing of bugs faster, saving time and personalizing content for customers, which is what switching to Node.js has helped to achieve.

Why do you need to hire node.js programmers?

If you’re looking to develop a website or an application, hiring a team of dedicated node js developers is something you should put into serious consideration. These are some reasons for you to consider; 

  • Hiring a Node.js developer can help you create different things such as scripts for systems administration, web applications, command-line applications, network applications, and more. 
  • The development procedure for Node.js never locks as most of the function in this run-time environment performs input and output to make dead-locking impossible.
  • Node.js development is handled by only experts and experienced developers so while they’ll build your projects, they will also be able to help you fix bugs and other issues that would have been time-consuming and you can find experienced node.js developers for hire here
  • While most web frameworks create additional threads for new requests which are memory intensive, Node.js has a single-threaded, event-driven framework that allows for simultaneously handling hundreds of thousands of connections.
  • When you hire Node.Js programmers, it will make your development super-fast. It is built on Google Chrome’s V8 runtime (written in C++), for multiple operating systems. The developer can handle the data exchange from server to users, build all the logic of the backend, and maintain a responsive central database that handles all front-end requests and integration.

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