3 Ways to Reset Windows 7 Password if Forgotten

Ways to Reset Windows 7 Password – It must be very annoying not to be able to use your own assets on account of a silly mistake of your own. Isn’t it? Well the condition suitably applies for the scenario when you forget your Windows 7 password and are unable to access any files, folders, documents stored in the system. we have mentioned steps of how to Reset Windows 7 Password using Software and how to Reset Windows 7 Password without any software.

Reset Windows 7 Password if Forgotten

There are some conventional ways to overcome the issue, and one such possibility dictates the user to format the entire primary disk to gain access. But that is a bit risky approach as you during the process of formatting would lose every single data stored in your PC, especially of your Primary disk. Thus it is not a commendable method if you wish to keep the data of your system intact. Thus we need to head on with some methods which would not only let us gain access to your locked account but at the same time protects the data from being erased. Here’s How to Fix Windows 10 Memory Management Error

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Best Methods to Reset Windows 7 Password

3 such exemplary methods are described below to help you resolve the issue. Continue reading to know more about the methods.

Method #1: Reset Windows 7 Password Using Guest Account

If your computer is registered with more than one account, then it would be very wise of you to reset the locked account password using another alternate account from the same computer. The steps for the following method are as follows:

Step 1. Firstly turn on your computer and log in using any registered account other than the locked one.

Step 2. Press “Window key+R” key combination to launch the “Run” command.

Step 3. In the empty blank box at the bottom left corner of your screen, enter the command “compmgmt.msc” and hit “Enter” to open the Computer Management window.

TIP: You can also right-click on the “My Computer” icon and choose “Manage” option to launch the computer management directory.

Step 4. Select “Local Users & Groups” from the left hand side of the panel, and “Users” from the right hand side display screen.

Step 5. Upon selecting “Users” you get to see all the user accounts currently registered on your computer. Simply right-click on the user account which is locked lately and select “Set Password”.

Step 6. Now, enter a different password for the account and make sure you don’t forget it again. Once the password is set, enter your locked once again with the newly created password and you will gain clean access.

CONS of this Method to Reset Windows 7 Password if Forgotten :
⦁ If multiple accounts are not registered in your computer, then this method won’t work.
⦁ The separate account needs to have administrator rights to perform the task, otherwise it is not possible.

Method #2: Reset Windows 7 Password with Tunesbro WinGeeker Ultimate

Here in this method, the tool we are going to utilize is commonly known as Tunesbro WinGeeker Ultimate. It is one of the finest password Resetting tools. The most astounding characteristic of Tunesbro Recovery Pro is that it completely bypasses the password protection feature instead of asking you to reset it by maneuvering the registry files of the system accountable for the password facility.

Key Features of Tunesbro WinGeeker Ultimate:
⦁ It does not re-install the OS.
⦁ No data is lost during the operation.
⦁ Internet connection is not needed.
⦁ It is compatible with all kinds of hard drives, such as RAID, SCSI, FAT16. FAT32, SATA, etc.
⦁ 24×7 customer service is available.
⦁ It requires no additional tools to burn the ISO image file into the bootable disk.
⦁ It can boot from both USB and CD/DVD.
⦁ Lifetime upgrade facilities are provided.

Things to prepare:
⦁ The Tunesbro Program file.
⦁ A 512 MB flash drive or CD/DVD.
⦁ An accessible computer.

The steps to use Tunesbro WinGeeker Ultimate::

Step 1. Get your program file downloaded and installed on a different accessible computer. Launch it with administrative rights.

Step 2. Select “USB or CD/DVD” as media type from the main interface screen of the tool.

Step 3. Insert the flash drive, and choose “Burn USB” option to burn the ISO image file. Upon getting the reminder “Burning Successfully!” click “Ok” to finish the process.

Step 4. Eject the bootable disk and re-insert it into the locked computer. Enter the BIOS setup utility and select the “USB drive” as the priority drive to load the program file into the locked computer.

Step 5. Once the program file is loaded, click “Reset Password” and “Reboot” buttons to finish the procedure.

Step 6. The system will automatically be restarted, and upon turning on, it would not ask you of any password anymore indicating that the access denial problem is solved. If you still not clear about this steps. Just follow windows 7 resetting tutorial to bypass your Windows 7/8/10 password.

Method #3: Reset Windows 7 Password with PCUnlocker Tool

PCUnlocker is a password resetting tool which efficiently resets passwords of your locked account. It instantly removes and resets password unlike other third-party tools which take more than the usual time to accomplish the same task.

The steps for the method are as follows:

Step 1. Download the program on a separate computer and unzip the downloaded file with an extension .iso. Burn the ISO image to a blank CD/DVD or USB to create a bootable disk.

Step 2. Plug the bootable disk into the locked computer, and boot from it.

Step 3.Enter the BIOS setup utility by pressing your specific keys from the keyboard, and set the BOOT priority with the bootable drive which contains the program file. Now; press F10 key to apply the changes and to load the file into the locked account computer.

Step 4. Reboot the computer and the boot loading screen should emerge in a way like this.

Step 5. After the boot process, you will get to see the main interface of the PCUnlocker tool.

Step 6. Now; select your Windows SAM registry file and the program will list out all the already registered user accounts. Select your specific user account and click the “Reset Password” button to reset the password to blank.

Step 7. Click the “Restart” button to restart the computer, and you will see that you gain access without any password prompt.

NOTE: If you had set up a new password instead of leaving it blank, then you would have required entering the newly created password after restart.

CONS of this Method to Reset Windows 7 Password if Forgotten :
⦁ It is an outdated version tool.
⦁ It does not work with Windows 8/ 10 OS versions.

Conclusion of Way to Reset Windows 7 Password if Forgotten :

The methods mentioned here are very easy to implement, that even a beginner can pull of the job by simply following the step by step guide dictated above in the article. Make sure that once the password prompt is bypassed or password is reset, you don’t forget the new password you set.

Anyway even if you do, Tunesbro WinGeeker Ultimate: will be all set to resolve your issue once again in the blink of an eye. By now you must have got an idea that Tunesbro WinGeeker Ultimate:is a very popular tool with 100% guaranteed result.
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