Handing over the project is a complex process. A successful project transfer from one project manager to another can be due to several reasons. You may have had an accident, or your retirement is imminent, or you may not want to work on a project. It is common to move to a manager, but there are other reasons why the project should be moved. A successful project transfer is not easy and should not be considered a straightforward process.

To make this possible, stakeholders and clients need to be satisfied, and the results obtained from the project can be significantly achieved. Success depends on the fact that if they are ignored during the transfer of the project, the potential results from the project may not be achieved and the client and stakeholders may not be satisfied with the results.

Here Altamira are going to mention some of the facts which are very important to keep in mind while handling and carrying out the project, and if these facts are taken into consideration then the best results can be obtained from it.

The details of the facts are as follows.


If you think that you can complete a project overnight, it is not so easy as it requires a good plan. Without the best strategy and the best planning, the project cannot be handed over. Therefore, it is important to prepare a document detailing how the project will be handled, and what details are required to be transferred to the project manager. It is also important to specify in the document, which equipment will be transferred to the new project manager and how much budget will be transferred to the new project manager. How much progress has been made on the project so far and under what position the new project manager will join the project?

These are all important facts that should be included in the project handling and documentation. It is also important to determine which items will be handed over initially, and which items will be transferred later.

In short, it is important to include everything in the project’s handover plan to avoid forgetting. It can also be subjected to a checklist that lets you guess which responsibilities and assets are being delivered and which are leftover.


When developing a product plan, consider, which details are most important and which need to be transferred.

These most important details may include the following facts:

Contact list

A new project manager needs to have a contact list of all the people working on the project and all the stakeholders. It is also important to have a detailed contact list of all those who can assist the new project manager in the later completion of the project.

Project Scope

The scope of the project is very important to include in the details of the project. The scope of the project includes the order in which the services are being transferred to the client, what are the dates on which the various tasks of the project must be completed, how many tasks have been completed, and how many tasks are still pending.

Background information

Background information must be included in the handover details. Background information should include the names of stakeholders and clients so that the new project manager knows which stakeholders and clients are in the background of the project. In addition, it is very important to include preferences, likes, dislikes, targeted viewers, and a variety of other facts.


It is very important to know the status of the project before handing over the project. You need to provide resource updates, create a resource plan, review the budget, identify delivery reports, and sales records and see what progress has been made on the project.

In addition, you need to be aware of all the challenges and issues that come up in the project. Once you know these challenges and issues, you don’t need to start looking for solutions in such a short time. You must know the issues as well as the details of the project. You also need to know the status of the project.

This way the project manager to whom the project is being delivered will start working directly from where you left the project. If all these details are not given while handing over the project, the incoming project manager may have to start work on the project from scratch which can be a very detrimental process to the reputation of the project.


After formulating all the strategies, set up a meeting with the new project manager to inform the project manager about all the facts. And will provide answers and ease of understanding of the project.

In this meeting, it is also important that you choose the date on which the project will be handed over and from which date the new project manager will take charge of the project.


It is not so easy to hand over a project that will be transferred overnight but it will take a certain amount of time. Start a graduate handover of the project. The best way is to hand over the project in small parts, which will take one or two weeks to transfer the entire project.

Another best practice that can make it easier for a new project manager is to include the new project manager in all meetings, calls, and emails so that he has all the knowledge about the project and that he is a client and stakeholder. Be aware of the holder.

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