5 Reasons People Try PEMF Devices

PEMF therapy is an alternative therapy that has been enjoying some time in the limelight. Although the intervention has been in use for over forty years, PEMF therapy has only recently been widely regarded as a possible replacement for standard pain management techniques, and viewed as a viable therapy for hospitals and other Western medicine settings. Despite its many years of use, many people still consider PEMF an alternative therapy. Why do some people turn to PEMF machines to heal their ailments?

They Want Results

PEMF therapy is an extremely safe therapy, but it is also an extremely effective one. With countless research studies and clinical trials supporting its use, and over 40 years of consistent use in both human and animal clinics, PEMF therapy offers proven results. With applications in pain management, bone remodeling, mental health, and far more, many people try PEMF devices because they are eager to find a therapy that actually yields consistent results.

They Want Safe Therapy Options

According to PEMF Advisor, PEMF therapy is a non-invasive therapy option, with very few side effects (and none of them particularly hazardous). PEMF therapy can be utilized from the comfort of your home, can be used for extended periods without danger, and does not pose any significant risks when paired with medications and other therapies and interventions. Because so many medications possess potential contraindications and negative interactions, PEMF therapy can come as a welcome relief.

They Want to Avoid the Risk of Forming a Habit

Although modern medicine has advanced substantially in the way that it manages and improves symptoms of acute and chronic pain, many of the options currently on the market run the risk of developing a habit—a risk that people with a history of addiction or family histories of addiction are hesitant to take on. PEMF therapy offers a risk-free way to relieve pain, and can be a great alternative for people who have a history of addiction, themselves, or have a family history of some form of substance abuse.

They Are Desperate for Relief

Many people trust Western medicine practices implicitly, and head to medications, surgeries, and other primarily Western concepts before turning to any other modes of healing. When these methods do not work, people may begin to seek out alternative methods of healing and alternative therapies, which includes PEMF therapy. Many people who have consistently experienced disappointment in standard treatments, whether for pain or depression, experience relief from using PEMF therapy consistently.

They Are Excellent PEMF Therapy Candidates

Not everyone can use PEMF therapy machines. Pregnant people should not use PEMF therapy machines, due to the lack of clinical studies evaluating the safety of PEMF therapy in pregnancy. People with cochlear implants, pacemakers, and similar implants should avoid using PEMF therapy machines in the area of the implant, or avoid them altogether. Barring these situations, most people are viable candidates for PEMF therapy, and are eager to try a therapy with such as strong history of efficacy, even in the absence of any substantial health concerns, ailments, or illnesses.

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