5 Steps to Writing a Great Essay

Essays are used in various academic courses. In writing this type of work, students should look back at what they have learned and reflect on it on paper. If you want to know what an essay is and how to write it correctly, read our in-depth guide to help you create an impressive paper quickly and easily. And here we will tell you all the nuances and share steps for writing an essay – just keep reading our detailed instructions.

What is a quality essay?

One of the most important points that you must take into account in order to determine what an essay really is: it is a paper that has a specific topic to focus on. It should be interesting. This is an important clue, and we hope you understand that your potential audience doesn’t want to read a boring paper.

If you have no experience writing an essay or simply don’t know how to write an interesting paper, then you will need the help of an essay writing service such as https://essayshark.com/. There, you can order an essay sample that will give you an understanding of how to write an interesting paper. You will also see how to structure your essay correctly.

You may find it useful to review other essays. Take a look if you have time. Needless to say, it’s difficult to create a good paper without looking at papers written by others.

Steps to writing an essay

1. Prepare for writing

Now that you already know what an essay is, you need to figure out how to write it step by step. This is useful information. You should study this question to better understand how to put all paragraphs together. Not to mention, you need a decent outline to write your essay – it will do you a lot of good.

When you create a plan, you will have a clearer idea of the future development of your paper. Organize your paper in order to gradually develop your thoughts. This makes the process of writing your essay much easier.

2. Choose a topic

It is important to understand how you are writing your essay. If it is for a teacher, then most likely, you will be offered a ready-made list of topics. Take the topic that you know well that is of interest to you personally. Writing is easier when you really have your own opinion on an issue, and you write not only for the sake of a grade but also for the interest speculation.

Example of an essay topic: AI Is Coming: Why Robots Will Take Over the World in 20 Years.

If an essay is written for admission to a university or for employment, then it is important to reflect your personality in your paper, to show your best side – write about your knowledge, skills, experience, and plans for the future. The author’s qualities that are suitable for a particular company will be assessed.

Example of an essay topic for employment: Why I want to work in Space X and can participate in the Mars colonization project.

3. Collect material

Since one cannot do without arguments when completing an essay, it is necessary to collect material in advance. If until now you have not evaluated other people’s thoughts, you have to urgently do it now. As soon as the topic has become known, begin to comprehend all the quotes you find. Use search engines carefully. Not all sites correctly designate authorship and correctly cite the original texts. It is better to refer to primary sources, such as books.

4. Write your essay

Don’t wait till the last minute. Start writing now. This step itself consists of several sub-steps.

  • Make an essay plan. It includes an introduction, main body, and conclusion, connecting the main idea of the paper presented at the beginning.
  • Write an introduction. It should be succinct and short (no longer than five sentences). In the introduction, it is appropriate to identify and concretize the topic of the essay, supporting your own thesis with a quote.
  • Write the main body. It reveals the topic of the paper and consists of three theses, from which you need to choose the right example-proof. For each paragraph, a micro-conclusion is required. Not only arguments are used as evidence but also counterarguments.
  • Formulate a conclusion. It does not repeat the micro-conclusions but unites them, denoting the final thought. The conclusion repeats and unfolds in full the statement voiced in the introduction.|

5. Proofread and edit the essay

Your essay must meet criteria such as consistency of parts with each other and the absence of stylistic, factual, punctuation, and grammatical errors.

To successfully write an essay, you need to create texts on a particular topic as often as possible, get acquainted with recent samples, and read as much as possible. Then writing will become a habitual occupation and will not cause

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