5 Ways To Gain More Followers On Instagram in 2022!

If this is the year that you are going to focus more on growing your Instagram account: optimization, consistency, and promotion can all be tools for growth.

The following 5 tactics are the key methods of growing your account organically and gaining more followers day in, day out. 

1. Optimize and Personalize your Instagram account

When you create your Instagram account, you will want to make it as personalized and optimized as possible. This includes setting your profile photo, bio and customizing your feed so as to better promote your account. 

Making your face visible across your Instagram account can also help associate your online account with a real-life person. This is often associated with a growth in followers as most people want to know that they are following an actual person. 

For example, ArXe Ventures found branding Instagram accounts with logos on every post, or having particular captions or hashtags, helped grow their clients’ accounts.

2. Consistency and scheduling posts

Keeping yourself relevant on Instagram is all about posting consistently. This is because the platform runs on a 24-hour cycle, which means that any posts made on your account won’t be promoted or circulated as widely once that period has passed. Posting high-quality content frequently can help you reach more people.

Posting at times when traffic is high on Instagram can also help increase your reach. To post at a consistent time you can consider scheduling your posts ahead of time, this will ensure that you won’t miss your posting time.

Consistency also creates expectation and trust, which helps your followers develop a relationship with you and your content. They will also know when to tune in for new posts so that they can comment and like your content. 

3. Get partners and brand advocates to promote and post your content

Posting all of your content on your own can only get you so far. In part, the reason for this is that your reach only extends to your audience. Your partners and brand advocates will be able to widen your audience reach as they will promote your content to their followers. This will bring more people to your account and it will help increase your engagement rate.

Engagement is the main measure with which your account will be chosen to be featured and showcased to other Instagram users. 

4. Focus on Organic Growth and Engagement

One of the biggest mistakes made by those who want to promote their Instagram accounts is focusing on follower number over engagement rates. Having a thousand followers that do not view, like, or comment on your posts will not help you keep growing your account. 

Fake followers will bring the opposite of growth to your account as your engagement rate will be incredibly low when compared to your following. 

Having a high engagement rate will help increase your organic growth and will bring in actual followers that are interested in your content and your account. As more people engage with your content more people will be able to reach you. 

There are certain tools such as Inflact or Ingramer which allow you to gain followers organically through automation. They focus upon gaining engagement alongside followers. To learn more, there is an excellent Ingramer review by The E-Commerce Entrepreneur. 

5. Promote your Instagram everywhere

Many people forget to promote and showcase their Instagram account across their other platforms. If you use Linkedin, Youtube, Facebook, or TikTok you will want to ensure that all of these accounts are linked to each other. This will help make your account can be located by your audience. 

Diversifying the content you post on Instagram will make your audience follow you on that platform as well. Making your account visible across all of your platforms is key if you want more people to be able to follow your account. 

These are our 5 ways to gain more followers on Instagram in 2022.

Hope this helps.

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