5 Young Entrepreneurs with Thriving Business Ideas

You must have heard of 30 under 30 lists and similar others, celebrating the success of entrepreneurs for achieving greatness. But these are not the only successful peeps out there that deserve a shout-out. There is a list of entrepreneurs as young as 9 years old who have successfully launched their ventures and are thriving.

Yes, kids can be smart too and age doesn’t equal success. It’s pretty clear you don’t need a high school diploma for starting a thriving business. Encourage your child to be creative and maybe let them watch Shark Tank on ABC if you have one of the Spectrum TV packages at home and see how it goes. And if you’ve lost the connection then there is an quick service for connecting with Spectrum payment center online.

Let’s have a look at these young ones and their spectacular businesses:

1: Lani Boo Bath

Lani Boo Bath is a business that sells bath products. The venture was started by Jelani Jones, a 9 years old girl with a deep passion for bath products.

Jones did thorough research before launching her products. She visited farmer markets and tested different products. One of the vendors from these markets became her mentor and encouraged her to turn her bath product hobby into a career.

She started selling her products to friends, family, and church members and then established pages on Facebook and Etsy. Her products start at $4.50.

2: Maddie Rae’s Slime Glue

When slime was introduced, it took the world of kids by storm. This encouraged Maddie Rae (a 12-year-old) to convert it into a business.

She was intrigued to make slime at home. With her father, she visited one store to another to make slim glue at home. After research and trial and error, she invented Slime Glue.

Slime Glue received a lot of fame and fans started reaching out to Maddie to create more products that aren’t found in store. Hence, Maddie extended her product line, making more Slime products. She sells Slime charms, accessories, containers, colors, glue, and her signature slime.

3: Wise Pocket

Sofia Overton, at the age of 11 started her business Wise Pocket, selling socks. Her inspiration for this business came when she saw her cousin placing her phone in her boot because her leggings didn’t have any pockets.

She put her brain to work and created pockets socks with pockets so that you can place a phone or any other accessory you like. She also sells leggings with pockets.

There are so many kids out there who would like to keep important accessories like inhalers and epi-pens in a safe place, without carrying a bag. Socks and leggings with pockets won’t just keep you warm but will provide a place to keep your accessories safe.

4: Me & the Bees Lemonade

At the age of 4, little Mikaila Umer was stung by a bee and developed fear of bees. She put a brave hat on decided to do some research on bees and was fascinated by how bees help the ecosystem.

Around the same time, she entered a children’s business competition and need a cool business idea. Her Great Granny Helen sent her family a cookbook from the 1940s which included a special recipe for flaxseed lemonade. She decided to use one of these recipes to help the bees and hence Bee Sweet Lemonade was born. The name was changed to Me & the Bees Lemonade later on after some copyright issues.

She gives a percentage of her business revenue to save the bees. Mikaila has been in business for 10 years now and her products are widely available for sale.

5: EvanTubeHD YouTube Channel

This little one deserves a mention in the list of successful young entrepreneurs. He is the youngest youtube millionaire!

Evan Moana started his YouTube channel by the name EvanTubeHD when he was in 4th grade. He reviews kid’s toys. He along with his sister Jillian take kid-friendly challenges as well. He earns money through ads and sponsorships. This money goes into the college funds and investments for Jillian and Evan.

The kid was born in a family of Youtubers. His dad is the director, camera, and editor whereas his mom is in charge of styling and plays the role of a production assistant. Evan inspired one of his fans, Ryan Kaji to start his own YouTube channel as well. Evan is obsessed with Steven Universe and Stranger Things.


These success stories are inspiring, right? It’s clear kids have the potential to do great things, just like adults. All they need is the right mentorship and reinforcement for a boost.

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