8 Popular Online Learning Tools to Help Your Kids Stay Focused

Online learning is now a necessity due to the ongoing pandemic. Many children are restricted to their homes since schools are also under lockdown. Therefore, parents must make full use of technology and provide a proper learning environment to their children at home. With a Cox service for the internet, you can subscribe to many online learning tools and platforms. They come with many interactive games and learning resources to help your children get started. Even when there’s no school, they can still learn effectively with these platforms.

ABCmouse, Starfall, and Cool Math are some of the best online learning tools that you can use. This blog also has some other useful websites for your consideration. Have a look at them below.


This platform has a wide range of learning materials for children. Its monthly subscription costs $9.95. ABCmouse is an ideal learning place for kids up to 8 years old and has a very good reward system to motivate kids. A bar shows their learning progress as well. Math, art, science, and social studies are some of the subjects that are taught here. The activities are interactive and keep children engaged.


Starfall is free for the most part. However, you will need to pay an annual subscription fee of $35 to unlock all features. The website is home to many interactive activities aimed at building the interest of children in math, art, and languages. The platform uses games to keep them engaged. The highly user-friendly reading exercises aid greatly in the learning process.

Cool Math

Most children struggle with math. Cool math will allow you to develop your child’s interest in it at an early age. The platform is available for free and provides easy-to-understand lessons related to algebra and calculus. Many appealing animations and diagrams will keep your child interested!


Funbrain is an excellent platform that comes with many educational resources for kids. The only downside is that it sometimes displays ads. You will find books, videos, and games related to different topics. For every grade and topic, separate games are available. This will keep your child engaged. The platform keeps on challenges young ones to test their knowledge with challenges and more. The videos are entertaining and keep children captivated. The platform truly promotes a culture of learning along with fun.

National Geographic Kids

National Geographic Kids is known for taking many education-related initiatives. The website aids in enhancing the knowledge of children related to many aspects of the world around them. It is an ideal platform for kids of more than 10 years of age. Here, your child will be able to gain knowledge with the help of videos, articles, and animations. Topics such as science, animals, experiments, and environments are the area of expertise of Nat Geo.

NASA Kids’ Club

NASA is America’s space agency and often sends missions to outer space. Their research related to the stars, our galaxy, and the universe is commendable. NASA’s Kids’ Club is their initiative to develop children’s interest in science and space. The platform is available for free. Everyone, even adults, can access it. Here, your children can play fun and interactive “space” games as well. NASA Kids’ Club is an ideal place if your child has an interest in space or heavenly bodies.

Make Me Genius

Make Me Genius is another excellent online resource for children in kindergarten to grade 7. The study material is related to science and math etc. Make Me Genius also lays a special focus on reading as it is one of the most important skills that must be developed from an early age. Detailed lessons related to gravity, nutrition, and ecosystems are also present on the free platform.

Kids Academy

Kids Academy is an edutainment platform for children from 2 to 10 years old. It includes a website richly packed with diverse learning resources and a collection of educational apps. On KA website, you can find free worksheets, videos and lessons on all the core elementary school subjects, as well as a blog for parents with insights from professionals on different aspects of a child’s development. Among their apps, Talented & Gifted is the flagship comprising detailed curricula for different grade levels created by seasoned educators and filled with top quality learning activities.

These are some of the best learning tools available for kids on the web. You can create an account on these platforms to provide your child access to useful educational resources. With the help of interactive content and educational games, your child can develop an early interest in learning. As a result, they can grow up to be responsible and

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