8 Fascinating Reasons Why Fantasy Cricket Is So Popular in India

Cricket is more than just a sport in India, it is a religion for some and sentiments for others. Nothing can beat the adrenaline rush that the end of the match brings. Well, for all the Cricket fans worldwide, fantasy cricket is a post-summer rain that fills your heart. For any Indian, any amount of cricket is always a treat. 

In a cricket crazy country, India, fans are sometimes more worried than the players themselves. But not everyone can become a cricketer, but now everyone can bid on their most-loved player and win. Fantasy cricket app platforms have earned a special place in the Indian gaming market due to its play along approach while earning is the bonus.

Eight reasons why the Fantasy Cricket is gaining so much popularity in India are:

1. Country of cricket fanatics: 

We all know that cricket in India binds the nation into a single community. In a country of cricket fanatics, fantasy cricket has found a special place, where you build your own team of favorite players and challenge your analysis.

2. You can also earn real money:

On fantasy cricket platforms, you do not just watch cricket but win real money with your analysis and knowledge about cricket. Gone are those days when you would entertain on cricket. Now while watching cricket, you can also make your fantasy cricket teams and earn a decent amount. The platforms of fantasy cricket allow users to utilize their prediction about the sport and monetise it. An opportunity to invest bare minimum and win huge.

“IPL fans are likely to spend Rs 7,000-10,000 crore as joining fees or bets on these fantasy sports platforms this season.” says the industrial expert.

3. Playing in fantasy cricket leagues also gives you adrenaline rush: 

Every fantasy cricket lover has felt a raise in excitement level for the real-life cricket match. You can feel the thrill in the live-action of the match while you invest into your favourite player and team.

4. It is a legal form of gambling:

Regulatory haze has had a huge impact on Fantasy Cricket App’s demand. In July 2019, the Bombay High Court had declared these platforms legal as no betting or gambling was involved. Players had to use their cricket knowledge and skills to win, it said. So, if you haven’t yet, download a fantasy cricket app now.

5. Handy and mobile friendly:

Anyone with a smartphone can choose any reliable fantasy cricket app and sign up to play.. They can instantly create a team, pay a nominal entry fee to participate in matches and start winning cash prizes, credits or points.

6. Being cricket fan is now an occupation:

With an entry of Fantasy cricket in India, now being a cricket fan is not merely a thing to say but it has become an occupation to earn. You don’t just sit along hooting for every four or six but instead play along. So, now proudly say that you are a cricket fan and that is your occupation.

7. IPL in India:

IPL has gained substantial popularity in India as a compressed form of Cricket with 20-20 format that ends in 3-4 hours. Given a different regional representation to teams which covers the entire India gives it another reason to cheer for a favorite state team wise. The gained popularity of IPL has contributed to the rise in Indian Fantasy Cricket App.

The Indian Premier League, since its first version in 2008, has seen countless editions, newer teams and players. It is a treat to witness some of the famous names in world cricket donning regional franchisees’ jerseys.

8. Advanced version in gaming world:

Users are now moving from basic gaming apps to Fantasy App where they have to use real skill-set and can earn money. Fantasy sports is growing rapidly with no further signs of slowing down.

Although the game might sound fun and imaginative, it needs skill to maximize points in fantasy cricket. You also need to estimate players who will perform well and players who make it to the playing XI. The game includes a lot of statistics and cricket knowledge, be it about players past performance, weather conditions or pitch report and more. However, FSL11 provides you with all such information in the form of preview and news updates.

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