Best 3D Wallpapers for Android Mobile in 2023 with Wave Live Wallpapers

Are live wallpapers the hype of 2021’s phone personalization?

It has definitely raised some debate topics on socials and app stores, whether our android smartphones can use animated backgrounds or where can we get the best 3D wallpapers?

Or… are these moving wallpapers free?

Or if I, a regular person who knows nothing about design, can make and use my own 3D wallpaper?

Keep on reading, we have answers.

Today, we are talking about Live Wallpapers HD & 3D Wallpaper Maker, a smartphone personalization app for live wallpapers and HD backgrounds used by over 10 million people. We chose to tackle this app after analyzing the moving backgrounds category and discovered it is one of the most complex yet easy-to-use apps in its genre.

Let’s start with..

1. Does my Android phone support these 3D wallpapers?

The short answer is yes, any Android phone of the new generation is compatible with live wallpapers.

The longer answer is that you should check your device compatibility because some manufacturers won’t allow you to customize the lock screen with a live or animated background. Bummer. But hey, we still can modify our usual home screen with moving wallpapers.

Once you’ve checked that, and it’s alright, then you can easily apply a 3D wallpaper to your phone screen.

2. What are the gems in the rough in terms of 3D phone wallpapers?

There are lots of animated backgrounds and cool designs that make moving wallpapers worth looking into. But what bubbled up to the surface in 2021 were the tech and the diamonds wallpapers.

Notice how everything seems so real that you almost feel like something is about to come out of your phone? These state-of-the-art wallpapers sure bring some life to any smartphone background. Definitely worth checking out these designers’ work arts.

Let’s see what other aesthetic concepts have been rocking the smart screens in 2021

Butterfly aesthetic wallpapers

Catch some gorgeous 3D butterflies and let them spread joy and beauty through your phone screen.

Steampunk aesthetics redesigned

If you’re into steampunk or cyberpunk vibes, you’re in the right place. There’s only one question. Are you geek enough to wear such cool tech stuff?

Tourbillon real working watch

Smart wallpapers with edgy design are more and more popular after 2021. Live Wallpapers HD & 3D Wallpaper Maker offers a real-time watch animated background. With just a cursory look you can tell an artwork in itself, but once you pay attention to the details, you’ll be wowed with its cool 3D depth.

WIld animals attack

Even though these types of animated backgrounds are not amongst the 3D moving wallpapers, they definitely give the feel of it. Wolves, spiders and snakes are just some of the wild animals getting ready to jump out of your screen.

3. What if I want to make my own moving wallpaper?

Sure, you can get creative and use a live wallpaper maker app to design some really cool backgrounds. If you’re a regular person with 0 knowledge of 3D design, guess what.. ? You don’t need it. You can give your ideas color with the easy-to-use Wave’s Wallpaper Maker within the same app.

Here’s how it works:

  • Go to the ‘Create’ section and choose 3D wallpaper
  • Choose a photo you want to transform it into a 3D
  • Pick an HD wallpaper that you like and move your screen to check the result
  • Apply extra layers and effects on choice

Useful hint: For best results with the 3D wallpaper maker, try to use photos with a central element. Whether it’s a tree, animal, or object, that will reflect your 3D animated backgrounds much better.

4. How do I get the app

Go to Google Play Store and search by the app’s name or simply click the link right here: Live Wallpapers HD & 3D Wallpaper Maker to download the app for Android.

The IOS version is in the works, but we’ll definitely give it a shoutout once it’s done!

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