Best 7 New Apps to Download on Android (Late 2022)

Fall is here and winter follows shortly, so you know what that means. Time to dust out old sweaters, prepare Halloween horror movie marathons, and all the pumpkin spice lattes from Starbucks until your heart is content. It also signals new app releases and today, we will be going through seven new apps that are the perfect companions for the upcoming weather and its related activities.

First, there were simple apps like Instagram and Facebook that loaded simple texts and photos of friends but as smartphones have become more powerful, the apps have evolved significantly. Genshin Impact, for example, a game made for PC and consoles, is now fully playable on most Android smartphones.

It’s a terrific illustration of how, despite the competition, a free game can still be a smash hit and how apps have evolved over the years to maximize a smartphone’s limited performance.

In a similar vain, we’ve compiled the best applications to look forward to in Q3 of 2022. Let’s begin!

#1. PicsArt – Best Photo Editing App

For photo editing and manipulation on the go, few do it better than PicsArt. It has one of the biggest online communities of video and photo editing users with 150 million users, and it keeps growing thanks to powerful editing features and filters.

A version of Photoshop for your phone and tablet!

You can add and remove backgrounds or objects, and add effects like blur, retro, VHS, and more. It’s more than an ordinary photo editing app, it can make collages and has almost Photoshop levels of functionality.

So if you’re looking to put together a collage of your best fall photos of your pumpkin patch, your kids playing in leaves, or just you lounging around your fireplace with a cup of hot cocoa in your hands, PicsArt is the way to go.


  • Add Cool Filters
  • Add and Remove Background Objects
  • Create, Collaborate on and Share Collages

#2. XNSPY – Best Monitoring App

Separating people from their phones is a difficult task. And, because this is the top seven new apps for Android list, you can probably guess what comes next. I will recommend an Android smartphone tracking app that will assist you in promoting digital safety for your children and minimize their phone use.

With a wide range of capabilities from basic to complex options and only available on a few select Android smartphone tracking app, XNSPY functions as useful tool for keeping an eye on other’s activities.

The app’s regular delivery of new features, updates, and upgrades meets customers’ modern demands. Aside from that, phone tracking and text message monitoring are the app’s most popular features.

XNSPY outperforms other monitoring software for Android because it combines basic monitoring capabilities with extras like ambient recording, real-time geolocation updates, and screen recording. The app’s website lists down an entire catalog of features that help make it a a powerful tool in anyone’s arsenal.

My favorite features include manual phone locking, using the phone’s mics to eavesdrop, and it’s built-in WhatsApp chat monitor.


  • Geolocation Tracking
  • Social Media Monitoring
  • Web History and App Usage Tracking

#3. Whisk – Best App for Cooking

As fall is just around the corner, it is a good idea to get cooking. Those pumpkin pies, turkey roasts, and pumpkin spice lattes won’t make themselves. Well, they will, if you order takeout, but where’s the fun in that?

So if you want to get into cooking, now’s a perfect time. And Whisk is here to help. It is an easy-to-use app that lets you save, discover, and share your favorite recipes. It also lists the ingredients and the exact quantity needed.

Thus it also functions as a grocery shopping companion and a meal planner. The meal planner allows you to drag and drop your recipes into a weekly meal planner, making cooking and managing your diet easy as cake.

My favorite feature is the ability to break down any recipe into an ingredients list, which you can buy directly from the app and get delivered to your home. It minimizes waste and cuts time drastically, so you can focus on cooking instead of waiting in the checkout line.


  • Share Recipes
  • Make Shopping Lists
  • Create Weekly Meal Plans

#4. Sync – Best Companion App for Reddit

We know using Reddit on Android is a major pain. Using it on a web browser is totally out of the question, and even its official app has many features missing and loading times that are painstakingly slow. But luckily, Sync for Reddit is a great replacement for the official Reddit Android app.

Sync for Reddit is a standalone app, meaning it doesn’t need the official Reddit app for it to work. It features Material Design, which is a relatively new UI design experience for Android devices. As the name suggests, it features bold yet simplistic colors without focusing on gradients or heavy lighting.

Each subreddit post is highlighted in rich card form, previewing the title, description, image, and self-text preview. The app also syncs all your Reddit accounts so you can switch from PC to phone when you’re on the go.

And nighttime mode is a lifesaver as it saves your eyes from the bright Reddit UI.


  • Efficient Reddit Loading
  • Night Mode
  • Beautiful Cards UI

#5. Niagara Launcher – Best Launcher

Niagara Launcher is a great new launcher that makes your Android device more personal and customized to your specifications. The launcher focuses on minimalism and one-hand use, reliving the smartphones of the past.

My favorite feature of the Niagara launcher is it allows users to perform in-app actions without having to open the relevant app. You can perform actions through the notifications you get on your device. Speaking of notifications, they are completely adaptive.

It means the media player, incoming messages, or calendar events pop up when you need them. Plus you can search and open any app from the app list using one hand thanks to Niagara’s unique wave animation.


  • Easy One Hand Navigation
  • Interactable Notifications
  • Minimal Design

#6. MyRadar – Best Weather Updates App

Fall isn’t fully here, and the weather is still at its unpredictable stage. It’s best to stay two steps ahead of things. And the perfect app to keep up with the weather is MyRadar. The app boasts more than 50 million users and offers a powerful weather prediction and radar algorithm.

The app does not just give weather forecasts and predictions, it gives up-to-the-minute disaster warnings and real-time tracking of hurricanes and storms. These up-to-the-minute push notifications and patented hyper-local weather forecasts deliver the most accurate data possible.

The animated radar that loops up to two hours once you open the app is hypnotic to look at, to say the least, and acts as your news weatherman. This personalized weather reporting gives a great snapshot of the type of weather that can be expected.


  • Accurate Weather
  • Detailed Graphical Radar
  • Extreme Climate Warnings

#7. RandomWalking – Best Health and Fitness App

RandomWalking is a unique step-counting app, as it maps walking routes that contain scenic locations and popular tourist destinations. It makes staying in shape fun, creative, and memorable. Monuments, museums, public squares, and beautiful architecture are now literally a few steps away from you, thanks to RandomWalking.

The app acts as your compass as it highlights nearby points of interest and sends a notification when you have discovered a new landmark location. You can choose at any time where you feel like going and whether or not to follow RandomWalking’s directions. The app’s suggested directions will adapt to your choices.

RandomWalking’s goal is to be your local tour guide, while respecting your privacy and mood, and allowing you to walk at your own pace, with the flexibility to take any route you feel like taking. At the same time, the app focuses on not letting users miss any main attractions along the way.


  • Notifications of Nearby Points of interest
  • Adaptive Route Mapping
  • Miles Walked

So there you have it, folks. These are my seven favorite new Android apps that are the perfect pick for the last second-last quarter of the year. I have picked the ones for every category, ranging from cooking to monitoring, ensuring you do not feel left out as the year slowly draws to a close.

All of the apps mentioned here are excellent choices and are favored by hundreds and thousands of users worldwide. Let us know how you liked them in the comments below.

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