Best Android Puzzle Games in 2022 – [Top 13]

Top Android Puzzle Games – Do you love Puzzles? Do you love mind games? So here are some latest android games related to puzzles and mind games in android. We have collected best and top Android Puzzle games for you. You just have to download from given link and start playing the game to sharpen your Mind. Some Games are little tricky but you will surely love them.

Puzzle games are necessary to sharpen your brain and it should be played by all so that everyone can be benefited.

Best Android Puzzle Games in 2022

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When you need a mental challenge, try these games for Android-based phones. You’ll see why these Android puzzle games are best for you. If you’ve owned an Android phone at any time during your life, then it’s safe to say there were probably a few puzzle games in your collection.

List of Best Android Puzzle Games in 2022

In these Android Puzzle Games, some of them are very addictive as you just want to complete those puzzles or want to solve some puzzles, you just love these games if you love to solve Puzzles. So below are best and top Android Puzzle Games

1. Block! Hexa Puzzle

Hexa Puzzle is a free puzzle game wherein you must fit the randomly generated shapes in the hexagonal structure displayed on the screen. This game includes several levels. It provides free hints to the users for watching advertisement videos. This is one of the best free android puzzle games.

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Block Hexa Puzzle enables you to sync your gameplay data with FB. To make sure that user doesn’t get annoyed with the same UI, this game ships with three color themes. It also allows users to compete with other online players. Block Hexa game has nice graphics.

2. Brain it On! 

Brain it On is a physics based Android Puzzle game that asks the user to complete certain tasks within the stipulated time. In this game, you’ll see an empty vessel, balls or glass on the screen. You must draw random objects so as to displace, drop the vessel or place balls in it.

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The objects you draw will fall in the glass, vessel or the space surrounding them. Although Brain it On is a physics game, changing the phone’s orientation doesn’t have any effect on the objects. BIO has 240 levels. This Puzzle app comes in the list of best android puzzle games.

3. That level again 

This is That Level Again, one of the best free puzzle games for Android. The game is very simple, just about a small logic where all levels are the same but ways to win are not. It’s like you are in the room with spikes, solid platform, a door, and a button. This is one of the best free android puzzle games.

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If you think it seems easy, but it doesn’t. Another mention for That level again is that it’s very popular and it has 3 parts. So, start playing 64 non-unique levels where the ways to win are always different from each other. That means 64 completely unique ways. So, try this unique puzzle game on your Android device right now, you will definitely love it!

4. 2048 

It’s a great classic puzzle game for Android Smartphone or Tablet that lets you play the classic 2048 puzzle. It’s a very simple number puzzle game but so addictive. On the play simply join the numbers to get the 2048 tile! For joining, swipe (Up, Down, Left, Right) to move the tiles and when two tiles with the same number touch, they merge into one. The player will win just after creating 2048 tile. This Puzzle app comes in the list of best android puzzle games.

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Every time your gameplay will be saved automatically with support for One Undo move. 2048 is a super puzzle game that supports normal (4×4), big (5×5), bigger (6×6) and huge (8×8) board sizes. So, start playing now this number puzzle game and keep playing for highest scores after collecting 2048 tile.

5. Tricky Test 

Tricky Test is a free trivia game that tests your IQ by making you answer a series of questions. In TT, you must solve as many brain teasers as you can. The user will earn a point for each correct answer. The points represent your IQ. If you answer each question correctly, you’re a genius.

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If your score is low, you can retake the test. Users who can’t answer the current question can see the hint or see its solution/answer for free. This is one of the best free android puzzle games.

6. ∞ Infinity Loop 

Infinity Loop is the game that I love to play to keep all the stress away from my path. It’s really a great game with a great Zen mode, some people says it’s like the XXI century Tetris game. Almost everyone, who plays this game he loves it. The goal of this game is to clear your mind and remove the stress from your daily life, so you can focus on your goal. It’s relaxing and unlimited, just start to solve the levels by connecting all the patterns to make the perfect connection.

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Its background music is so pleasant , don’t miss it (use a headphone for better listening). There are two different gameplay available with this game Infinity Loop — Normal mode and Dark mode. So, try this one of the best free puzzle games for Android right now to get the immersive experience ever! This Puzzle app comes in the list of best android puzzle games.

7. Orbit – Playing with Gravity

This is Orbit, one of the best free puzzle games for Android and the Winner of Google Play Indie Games Festival 2016. It’s also a Physics puzzle game like Brain It On, but here it is about Gravity! The heart of this game is a gravity simulator by what you can launch planets with a flick of your finger! It seems so power! but the game is placing those Planets into stable orbits around black holes. You can launch as many planets as you like and watch the mesmerizing orbital mechanics unfold.

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It offers 45 free levels, with new mechanics — like repulsive black holes and planets with their own gravity that attract each other. With its new Pro version, it lets you create your own levels! Like, Control time, disable collisions and paint with gravity. In my opinion, it’s the perfect puzzle game for them who like Astronomy. This is one of the best free android puzzle games.

8. Jigsaw Puzzles Real

JPR is a puzzle game that generates jigsaw puzzles from 1500+ pictures. To get started with this game, you must select the image. Then, you must specify the number of pieces you want JPR to create from the selected image.

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JPR will now generate the puzzle. You must drag and drop the pieces to build the actual picture. The game saves the pictures to storage memory of your mobile phone. It is free and addictive. This Puzzle app comes in the list of best android puzzle games.

9. Move the Box 

This is one of the best Android puzzle games for sure. Your task is to move boxes around. Once three or more identical boxes are put in a line they disappear. Your task is to clear the dock as fast as you can. Will you manage to do this? This is one of the best free android puzzle games.

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Main features:

  • puzzling and addictive
  • nice graphics and sounds
  • 144 levels of difficulty

10. Roll The Ball 

Roll The Ball is a puzzle game with an interesting concept. In RTB, you’ll see a box with several wooden tiles. As you can see in the above picture, the first title in the box contains a ball. Some tiles in the box carry a pipe and the remaining ones are empty. You must arrange the tiles in such a way that the ball passes through the pipes and reaches the goal. Initial levels of this game are easy. As you make progress, the game gets challenging.

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Users can play this game in five modes i.e. multiplayer, star, classic, moving or rotation. Roll The Ball game has options to turn off the sound, notifications, interactive tutorial, heavy animations to conserve battery, etc. This Puzzle app comes in the list of best android puzzle games.

11. Paperama 

Paperma is just another puzzle game on this list, which is so adventurous. This game take you into the Origami world, where you’ve to bring the thing to life! Not so much tough to play, fold the paper sheets to create origami figures and work as accurate as possible to fit the form. Always try to avoid using too many folds, so you can finish the Origami figure fast.

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It offers more than 70 puzzles with amazing 3D folding effect and lovely background Soundtrack. As well as, it also provides Smart Hints and Game Services Support. Overall, it’s beautiful, wonderful and amazing. So, try this one of the best free puzzle games for Android Smartphone and Tablet. I think, it’s really worthy to give it a shot. This is one of the best free android puzzle games.

12. Cut the Rope 

It’s so SWEET! This is Cut the Rope 2, the another cool and funny puzzle game for Android Smartphone and Tablet. Om Nom‘s shenanigans still continue in Cut the Rope 2, With 7 new and completely different characters. It’s very enjoyable with fresh gameplay elements and tricky missions. In this unexpected adventure, characterized by Om Nom you’ve to travels through busy cities, lush forests, junkyards, and underground tunnels. This Puzzle app comes in the list of best android puzzle games.

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This journey is all in pursuit of one goal – CANDY! Candy collecting has never been so fun and it’s more enjoyable now. So, start playing this another physics-based puzzle game that has delighted millions of players around the world! Who like Cut the Rope, he will love Cut the Rope 2!

13. I’m A Puzzle

This jigsaw puzzle site is loaded with unique features. You can customize your game by difficulty level by choosing how many pieces you want to solve. You can also change the shapes of the pieces in the jigsaw puzzles for an added twist.

Perhaps the best feature is their puzzle maker, where you can upload a picture to make your own jigsaw puzzle, and then easily share or embed it on your blog. Beware – there are over a thousand puzzles on the site, so you can easily spend more time than expected!

So these are some best Android Puzzle Games. If you have some suggestions or any other android games do comment below, we will add in this list of top Android Puzzle Games. Solve your Puzzles and Enjoy.

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