14 Best Free Apps for Studying

Best Free Apps for Studying

The new school year is a good reason to acquire new useful habits that will help not only in a study but also in other matters such as writing a non plagiarism quality dissertation or the best essay. Or you can buy urgent affordable research papers and essays for money in a confidential cheap essay writing service. To find one online, type ‘hire private writers to write for me my paid cheap essays’.

We have selected top rated helper applications that will help you to fast and easily survive the return to study thanks to planning, awareness, and proper relaxation. You can also use Welltory. It is a powerful health app that uses a smartphone’s camera or Apple Watch data to give you deep body diagnostics. Designed as a narrative, personalized feed, it provides you with daily health metrics, workout analytics, blood pressure interpretations, and much more.

Legit Study Apps

1) MyStudyLife

There are many products available in application stores for planning your time, but many of them work on only one platform or are really expensive to pay. In contrast, MyStudyLife is a cross-platform application that runs on Android, iOS, Windows Phone, and Chrome. It is completely free and has the assignment of scheduling and task lists and sending reminders, all data is stored in the cloud storage and synchronized on all devices, but also available offline.

2) Todait

For longer-term goals, such as exams or learning skills, the Todait app available on Google Play is suitable. In it, you can measure the time spent in school, break a large amount of training material into smaller parts, and distribute them in accordance with the time remaining before the exam. Todait will also help with developing a daily learning habit: just plan your time and keep track of success.

3) Wunderlist, Trello, or Todoist

Wunderlist, Trello, or Todoist will help organize all tasks, both personal and educational. Services work on many platforms, allowing you to set tasks for a short or long term, connect other users to their implementation, and monitor progress.

4) Brainly

Brainly service is a platform of mutual assistance for students. It contains answers to questions on various subjects, and if the material you need was not in the archive, you can ask a question in a chat with other community members. The application has a rating system: you can earn points by answering questions from other students or inviting friends to the application.

5) ClearFocus

You can increase your productivity when completing tasks using the Pomodoro method, alternating work intervals with short breaks. To automate the process, it is convenient to use a special timer, for example, ClearFocus, in which you can set the duration of working intervals and breaks.

If during the summer you are unaccustomed to waking up early, rebuilding your daily routine and waking up to classes on time, it is possible using unusual alarms that will not turn off until you solve a math problem, pass a short game, or take a picture of a certain place in the house, for example, a sink in a bathtub.

Holiday Apps

1) Welltory

Season changes and stress from dramatically increased workloads can lead to depression and other mental health problems. Therefore, you need not only to be able to work efficiently, but also to rest effectively. Welltory service will help you track the level of energy and stress in your body based on heart rate variability and give tips on how to make your lifestyle more healthy.

2) Wysa

You can monitor your mental state and cope with bouts of mild depression or anxiety using applications based on the principles of cognitive therapy and awareness, for example, Wysa is a chatbot that asks you questions about your mental health and offers methods to cope with negative and obsessive thoughts. Another example is the Pacifica service, which allows you to track your mood and thoughts, set goals for yourself, and seek support from other users of the application.

3) BenchPrep

BenchPrep is an interactive library with courses for final or professional exams on a huge number of topics. The application includes hundreds of practice questions, cards, in-app purchase, and more than 600 lessons. The startup has already launched 100 courses, which are currently used by 250,000 students in 20 countries. The application is English-language but contains so unique content that it’s worth mastering the language at the advanced level.

4) iStudiez Pro

Almost every student has problems with the schedule – to find the classroom, remember the name of the teacher, find the recorded homework on the heap of “paper” notes … iStudiez pro, the schedule program for iOS, offers to deal with all these problems. In terms of functionality, it is a full-fledged organizer created for educational purposes. Each schedule is created for a semester, the terms of which are set by the user. A nice opportunity is to add exams and tests to the schedule.

5) StudyBlue Flashcards

Flashcards are considered a very effective way to memorize information, but to do them yourself is a real headache. With StudyBlue, you can use text, audio, and video effects to create the perfect self-study flashcards. In addition, the utility has the ability to search by topic and borrow a suitable set of ready-made cards.

6) Sworkit

There are always lots of things to do at college, and, unfortunately, exercise is rarely on this list. The main advantage of Sworkit is that you can choose the exercises you want to do and break them into time intervals, at least 5 minutes per lesson. The application website also has a large list of various daily exercises that can vary depending on your own needs and workload.

7) Studious

Studious is designed to organize the schedule of daily classroom and homework assignments. It allows you to set deadlines for tasks and remind you of the approach control and exams.

Entering the audience, you forget to put your phone in silent mode? The application will also “silence” it according to the schedule in the calendar.

8) Evernote Peek

The creation of “cheat sheets” can now also be automated, without wasting time. J The Evernote Peek app takes over most of this work. The app turns the iPad and its Smart Cover into memory cards. By the way, if you don’t have a case, the application creates a “virtual cover” for such a case. Thus, repeating the material covered will be an order of magnitude faster and easier.

9) Fast Cheap Essay Writing Service

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