Sport isn’t just a game – it isn’t just entertainment. It creates a connection among of us, it’s a powerful tool for change and of course a tool for winding down.

Often times, people don’t just watch for the fun of the games, more passionate fans have decides to put their money where their heart is and some quick follow up of their beloved teams are needed before they stake their money on EPL, UEFA or NFL picks as determined by the bookies.

But as much as you may want to catch a game, you won’t always find yourself in front of a T.V and even if you do find yourself in front of a TV, the erratic power supply is waiting to knock out the joy.

Not to worry though as there are few on-the-go soccer streaming apps on android which lets you catch a game anywhere anytime – although this has its own downside as well due to poor internet connection but trust me these apps are well equipped to scale through that challenge. Most of these apps also come in HD.

Here is an amazing list of the top ten – durable, clear HD and free soccer streaming app for your viewing pleasure

WSS streaming app

This is a kind of Sports Apps for Android Phones and Tablets, manufactured by WSSapp. As a lover of football, you can watch all World Sports Channels Live and wouldn’t miss a single match of your favorite Sport, best works on 2G/3G WiFi and of course on LTE too. To watch you will Need XMTV Player app and aMX Player app to Watch Streams on It.


This tops the list because it a well known among sports lovers and it is a must have app on your mobile if you are a sport lover. Mobdro is a popular sport streaming app which gives you access to a wide range of sports channel for free.

You also have an option of bookmarking those sport videos you enjoyed watching so you can watch it again whenever you want. The app isn’t available on android’s Google PlayStore but it be downloaded via another platform of search link

Sports TV

Sports Live TV is a free lifestyle application for avid sports supporters. This application enables you to watch high-quality videos and other sports-related multimedia right on your smartphone. You can stay up to date on sporting events at all times by browsing 500 channels that feature sports from everywhere in the world.

Alongside live games like football, tennis, cricket, and volleyball, you can likewise stream sports movies, sports news, and different shows including your number one competitors.


This is also another cool football streaming site you can use to enjoy your favorite team play as it streams all the tournaments and matches of Soccer and American Football.

But not only that, it is a popular website for all sports broadcasting programs such as football, cricket, NBA, Formula One, WWE, NHL, golf, boxing, hockey and more. It also provides live broadcasts of global sporting events, the live score, replays and highlights of Football matches.

Sport-lemon TV

Sport-lemon tv is regarded as the 21st century streaming tool website; only few live streaming websites allow people to watch sports online for free but with sportlemon you get to watch over 10 different sports such as: football, tennis bodybuilding, soccer NFL (American football),basketball, baseball,polo etc.

Live Soccer TV

Live Soccer TV comes in handy for its visitors. With its wide range of soccer leagues, it can help you choose from all the soccer matches in action that are getting broadcast on the TV.

Live Soccer TV also displays a lot of useful football information, stream matches and notifies you of soccer standings as well as upcoming games and match news.

Live Sports HD TV

This app is a recent addition and already has over a million downloads. I am sure the positive reviews that welcomes you on the play store app will convince you.

This website is in HD and also has no annoying advertisement breaks unlike most other streaming apps. This app let you watch sports like hockey, EPL, BPL, Serie A, and boxing. Just search for Live Sports HD TV app on the play store and enjoy

Live Football TV Euro

Do you love football so much that you don’t want to miss a single game of this sport? This app is a must have with which you can follow the most interesting matches of each season in addition to other sports

On this app you will have the option to stream any sports of your choice on your mobile device . All you need to do is access it to find the menu of the matches for the day or the ones that can be accessed later. It works like other similar apps

Soccer 360

This free-to-air soccer streaming App which provides live streaming of soccer or football matches and other sports events live on your android device.Soccer 360 is a unique app designed to enhance your soccer streaming experience.

The app is adaptive to any screen size. With just a single click you can access all your favorite football matches and other sports events. You receive a daily notification as and when a match starts or there is an event live.Watch all your live matches in full HD without pausing or lagging due to the light weight of the app.

Soccer live was designed with the user in mind, because it keeps you updated every time. It has the following features with which many others do not have like Full HD, no lagging and live  league matches among many other options

However, if are worried of privacy intrusion or security breach, put your mind at rest as developers follow a strict privacy protection policy, while the App is protested by Anti-Malware platform.

Keeping one of the best for last. This app’s unique accessibility is a reason it is a go-to live-streaming app. Hesgoal provides live streaming and the latest news about football, car racing, and other sports. This apps has a rating of a whooping 4.2 rating which which comes with a relatively easy and convenient mode of operation.

Though it comes with full HD as well as with relatively little buffering, but with a stable network and quality service provider, there is no need to consider paying for any soccer TV station because Hesgoal will provide all the necessary match available for free.

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