How Best to Pick A Good & Free Internet Fax Number

Either it is a business conversation or confidential information of spy agents; fax is a preferred medium for sharing secret data. With a dedicated phone line, fax ensures that data remains safe from unauthorized users while being transmitted from one place to another.  

The bottom line, fax is not dead even after spending many years in the communication market. Some people use faxes just for the love of old technology. However, the hassle of managing fax machines makes it an annoyance for everyone. 

Fax is still as popular as it used to be in the past but fax machines and telephone lines are fading away.  People are moving towards a modern age where paperless communication is preferred over a guided medium. Stay with me to find out online faxing mechanisms and free fax numbers.

Is Fax possible without Landline?

The answer to your query was No until the modern breakthroughs in communication devices were not made. Landline connection is not a constraint for faxing anymore. For your ease and convenience, developers have made-up wireless utilities for sending and receiving faxes.

Online fax services are of great help when it comes to wireless faxing. Google fax services are a mediator between different communication devices. Here is a guide for you to get a fax number free of cost to exchange unlimited faxes online.

CocoFax, a wireless Fax Service

CocoFax is an online fax service that offers a free internet fax number. CocoFax is designed with an intuitive graphical user interface so that even novices can use it easily. Rated the best fax application in the market, CocoFax is being used in 190 countries by millions of users.

Fax machines are analog devices whereas computers are based on digital working mechanisms. CocoFax develops a communication line between them for carrying out fax documents. It ensures the safety of your information by applying the finest encryption measures.

Toms Guide, New York Times, Life wire, Forbes, and CNET are some of the multinational outlets which have rated CocoFax as the ultimate solution for online faxing. You can send a fax to anyone in the world from your mobile phone, tablet, or desktop computer in the blink of an eye.

How to use CocoFax Web-based Solution 

CocoFax is a concise and simple answer when you ask about how to fax without a phone line. CocoFax is a user-friendly utility that could be used without looking into the long user manual. It has made wireless faxing possible to save you from the troubles of managing fax apparatuses.

Follow these guidelines to use a web-based solution by CocoFax and send faxes online. 

Step 1:

First, you will create your CocoFax account. Browse the official website of CocoFax and click the signup button. A new user registration wizard will pop up. Fill in the required information correctly and get a free 30 days trial period on the first login.

CocoFax offers free fax numbers to its users. Now you don’t have to call your phone operator to get a fax number. You can get dedicated fax numbers which will remain associated with your account. Choose a toll-free or vanity fax numbers from the list of available numbers. You can use this number for local and international faxes.

Step 2:

After registering with CocoFax, you can send and receive faxes from all over the world. To compose a new fax, hit the new button. Enter the information you want to send a fax. You can attach multiple files and send them once to more than one recipient simultaneously.

Enter the recipient fax number by adding ‘’ at the end. For example, you should enter if the specified person’s fax number is 12345. Keep the format same as mentioned to avoid any errors in the sending process

Step 3:

Send your faxes after double-checking the details. CocoFax rings the receiver fax machine for delivering your files. All sent documents are converted into a Tiff file and then forwarded. This conversion is done automatically so there is no need for any manual effort.

CocoFax sends confirmation messages for all your sent faxes. However, if any document was unsent due to errors in the file name or wrong address, you will get notification alerts to your CocoFax dashboard. Make potential corrections and resend them.

Receiving Fax Online with CocoFax Dashboard

CocoFax saves you from investing in bundles of papers and ink. You receive faxes directly in your CocoFax dashboard. This does not require a connection with any modems or fax machines. CocoFax dashboard incorporates complete details of all sent and received faxes and storage space used. 

Open your CocoFax dashboard and hit the inbox tab. This is the place where all your received faxes will pop up. CocoFax converts all the faxes sent to your account into a pdf file. In this way, you can view your documents in a readable format mobile phone or laptop.

Email-to-Fax Solution for Portable Faxing

With the help of CocoFax, you can send and receive fax documents just like an email. All you have to do is log in to your email account from your iPhone or laptop and send faxes on the go. You don’t need a bulky fax machine and papers to fax confidential data anymore.

You can upload pdf, doc, Xls, jpg, png files as an email attachment, and send them as a fax document without a landline connection. CocoFax offers free fax numbers so that you can send faxes anywhere, anytime. CocoFax forwarding faxes to your email account even when your devices are turned off or not connected to the internet.

Benefits of using CocoFax over Fax Machines

CocoFax is packed with fully-functional features. The usability of CocoFax is recognized by top-notch platforms and millions of worldwide users. It relieves you from hassles of managing hardware equipment

There are numerous advantages of using CocoFax over fax hardware tools. We will discuss a couple of them:

  • CocoFax provide free registration
  • There are no credit card or human verifications required for using CocoFax
  • CocoFax provides free local and international fax numbers which remain unchanged
  • Investing in fax machine is not an issue as CocoFax offers free online faxing 
  • CocoFax incorporated cutting-edge technology for lightning-fast delivery of faxes
  • You can get economical usage plans depending upon fax frequency
  • Evaluate CocoFax with a free 30 days trial plan
  • There is no need to get a phone connection for using CocoFax


CocoFax is a secure, reliable, and adaptable fax solution that has made faxing a portable process. Now you can send faxes anywhere, anytime without being restricted to your workspace. CocoFax has been leading the online fax service providers for a long time due to its usability and security.

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