Top 3 Best Sites for Creating Logo Online

Have you wondered how to create a professional logo that fits perfectly with the image of your business? Rather than incurring considerable expense by turning to a professional designer who will design a logo that may disappoint you, it is best to design an attractive logo yourself. In the following lines, I would like to introduce to you about which online services should use to create logos easily and effortlessly.

Best Sites for Creating Logo Online

The three of them are easy-to-use tools and all they do not require any graphic talent or
technical competence. Are you ready to find out what logo makers should we firstly choose? Yes? Then let’s get to work immediately.

1. Logaster

One of the best tools you can use to create logos is Logaster which will allow you to create a professional logo easily and in a matter of minutes. The site provides an intuitive user interface and works from any web browser. Anyway, it is an easy-to-use tool that puts at your disposal massive of customizable logo designs to edit and adjust to your company.

All you need to do is simply enter the name, and then the service generates dozens of logo concepts to choose from. It is available to customize the template in choosing the layout, text, color, fonts, and icons. With Logaster, you are free to edit by using an intuitive interface. Logaster also allows you to create business cards, envelopes, letterhead and favicon for your company.

Once you have created all the necessary customizations, simply press the Save button located on the top right corner. On the next screen, you need to choose the plan for the download. And you will find that you can preview your logo against different backgrounds. At last, it is also possible to come back to the editor and re-edit your design any time you want.

2. DesignEvo

One of another website that I suggest you use to create logos is DesignEvo. It provides with 9000+ templates that anyone can use to design an attractive, professional logo in minutes. DesignEvo also offers millions of icons and hundreds of text fonts, all kinds of shapes, color to choose from. In addition, it has powerful editing tools to customize your logo freely. The strength of DesignEvo is that also allows you to design a logo starting from scratch, if you prefer to design a logo by yourself.

To start creating logos, first connect to the official web page of the DesignEvo. You need to click the “make a free logo” button, and you will find that there are 19 categories from which you can choose. When you have found the template that's right for you, click on it. So you can enter the name of your company in the text field and get started to customize the template.

In the editor, you have some intuitive functions for further customizing your
template. The icon buttons are used to search and insert icons on your logo, and the text button will allow you to add a text font with a click. Besides, the shape button to add shapes to adorn the icons. At last, the background button is available to change the color of the background.

Once you are satisfied with the final result, you can click on "Preview" to see what your logo will look like in different scenarios, including business card, letterhead, website, T-shirt, etc. What’s more, it is also available to download a small-size logo for free to check whether it is the final effect you want.

3. TailorBrands

The last one I recommend is TailorBrands, which simplify the design of your logo with the simplest tools while generating beautiful logo images, unique fonts and designs. TailorBrands has been a valuable ally for those who want excellent websites without the high cost. It is also a good solution for those with limited design capabilities, since the TailorBrands interface is one of the easiest to understand.

In fact, one of my favorite parts is the page “I like or don't like” where you are shown a handful of drawings to see exactly what kind of style you are in. Select the ones you like and don’t like, so TailorBrands can decide what your logo should be. Therefore, the process begins by asking a few simple questions that take no more than three minutes to complete.

Finally, the results of your quiz are revealed, with the name of your company and the optional tagline inserted in each of the drawings. I believe that you will be surprised by the wide range of templates presented, since you can continue clicking on the “see more” button to see what else was available. So you can choose the template you prefer and move to the editor.

Once you land in the editor, you will receive a solid designer to make changes to your logo. You can change everything from the shape to the color. The last step is to download your logo based on the package you want. You can also download professional vector files later, instead of sticking with something less professional like PNG or JPG files.

With the above 3 easy-to-use tools, you will surely find what you are looking for. If you know of any other similar tool, please also share it in the comments.

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