Best Thumbnail Maker Apps to Use in 2023

Are you creating online videos but aren’t getting the expected views? If yes, you need to locate where the problem lies.

Most of the time, content creators don’t upload thumbnails because they believe that creating them is very difficult and takes a lot of time. So, they don’t create and upload thumbnails with videos.

Even if they create thumbnails, they aren’t very great, which can encourage people to click on the video link. If creating attractive thumbnails is your problem, don’t worry at all. Now thumbnail creation has become much easier than ever.

Tons of online applications can assist people in creating thumbnails for their videos.

And this will talk about the best of them that you can try in 2023 to gain a lot of views on your videos.

Let’s get started!

1.   Thumbnail Maker – Channel Art

Thumbnail maker – Channel Art is one of the best online thumbnail creation apps. So far, this app has been downloaded by more than 10 million users on the Play Store. Many YouTubers rely on this thumbnail maker, and they also consider it the best YouTube thumbnail maker. That’s why it is maintaining an incredible 4.3 stars rating on the platform. It depicts the users’ trust in this channel art maker.

Here are some of the distinctive features of this video thumbnail maker that make it a great choice compared to its counterparts;

Incredible Range of Templates

Unlike many other thumbnail makers, this app provides a vast range of templates that users can use to create exceptional thumbnails. No matter what type of videos you make, whether reaction videos, comparisons, vlogs, or how-to videos, this thumbnail maker has templates for all of them. These templates help you get a great start and quickly create thumbnails.

Easy-to-Use Editing Utilities

Creating thumbnails with this thumbnail maker is very easy. Even those with zero knowledge about editing or creating graphics can easily and quickly develop thumbnails using this thumbnail maker application. They don’t need to watch tutorials or ask others to help with thumbnail creation. Instead, they quickly realize what to do.

Massive Range of Design Elements

This application provides not only thumbnail templates but also a huge range of various design elements, including shapes, icons, and font styles. These design elements allow users to show their creativity, make more exciting thumbnails, and attract more viewers.

2.   Banner Maker, Thumbnail Maker

If you want to create thumbnails for your eCommerce or any other website, you should try Banner Maker, Thumbnail Maker is the application. This application can help you make different kinds of designs that you can post online. In addition, it provides a lot of filters and other editing tools that can beautify your thumbnail photos and force people to click on them to explore more.

Following are some of the features of this application:

Provide Numerous Backgrounds

One of the best features this application provides to its users is that it allows them to choose the background according to their needs. Therefore, when users have a lot of backgrounds in front of them, they can easily pick which one is the best for them.

Create High-Quality Thumbnails

Quality isn’t the issue with the thumbnails created by Banner Maker, Thumbnail Maker. It allows users to download thumbnails and banners of the best available quality. As a result, they don’t need to compromise on a banner or thumbnail quality. Instead, they have the choice of selecting the quality they want.

Allow Users to Choose Sizes

Here is another great thing about this application. No matter what type of your website is and which theme you have used, it can design thumbnails according to your needs. In addition, it allows users to adjust thumbnail or banner sizes before or after creating them.

3.   Canva

Canva is among the most downloaded applications when it comes to graphic design. This application helps users create various designs, including banners, charts, infographics, social media posts, and thumbnails. Moreover, this application also allows users to create and edit audio and video content.

Canva has the trust of tons of video content creators, and that’s why they create thumbnails using this application. Let’s learn about the unique features of Canva.

Extensive Library

Canva has the biggest library when it comes to designing. There are millions of free-to-use design elements to add to your thumbnails. Moreover, it also has a lot of unique templates specially designed for video creators and website owners. Its library makes it a much better choice than many other applications.

Editing Utilities

Canva provides its users with many editing utilities and helps them showcase their aesthetic sense and creativity to their viewers. Its editing utilities can help thumbnail creators modify the designs according to their unique needs.

AI Assistance

Canva is among the first applications to use AI technology in design creation. Users can also get assistance from AI technology to create thumbnails or thumbnail templates. This technology can help them save time and create various outputs without much effort.

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