Best Ways To Earn Money From Trending Apps

How great would it be if you could earn money regularly by simply tapping a few buttons on your mobile? And judging the current trends, your dreams are about to get true. Stay with us as we are going to reveal the best ways to earn money right from your couch using some apps and doing some simple task. And in case you get hungry while reading, check out the amazing fassos referral code offer to earn Rs 200.

Top 5 ways you can earn a substantial amount

1) Loco App

Loco is probably the most popular app in the list. It is a live trivia and quiz game. All you need to do is to open the app at 10 PM sharp and start answering. There are 10 questions and you get 10 seconds to answer each correctly. One mistake and you are out of the game. But there is a way to get a second chance too.

You may refer the app to your friends and relatives and when they sign up, you get an extra life. Question topics vary from Bollywood to general knowledge and the developers are claiming that these questions will also help the people who are preparing for competitive exams like the SSC CGL, UPSC and more.

The amount you can earn is really big. Rewards start at as high as Rs. 10000 and you can expect to earn more if more and more players join in the same game. Winners share the plunder equally and that amount will be added automatically to your Paytm account every week. The best thing about this app that it is also available in Hindi. The developers have also promised to add more languages later.

Download the Loco app from Google Play Store.

2) Google Opinion Rewards

Easy ways of earning money always sound fishy and most of us would not open up to such
opportunities unless it is offered by someone whom they really trust. And you get exactly that with Google Opinion Rewards. This is offered by Google and perfectly secure. After signing up you will need to take a few surveys. The surveys won’t generate any income unless they are completed. It is also recommended to use this app daily to maximize its potential. The questions range from as simple as what is your gender to when do you plan to travel next and plenty more.

The reward is, however, not real money. What you get is Google Play credit which is not any less handy. You can spend the amount on anything inside the Google Play store be it an app or game or your favourite movie or subscription of your magazine. A single survey can earn as much as a dollar as a reward.

Download the Google Opinion Rewards right now.

3) Dream11

If you are a sports enthusiast and follow ISL and IPL you must have already seen adds of Dream11. It is a fantasy sports game and one of very first of its genre to gain a strong popularity in India. Your task here is to pick top 11 players from both teams whom you expect to have the highest impact on the pitch. You will also need to pick the captain and vice-captain of your dream team.

During the match, each player earns points for every significant action they make on the field. The Captain and the vice-captain earn as much as 2X and 1.5X points for their performance. At the end of the match the total points accumulated by your team will be counted and if you are among the few who’s teams have highest points, you can earn mammoth amounts. However, entry to all matches are not free and you may need to spend a few bucks to enter a fantasy match.

The rewards are huge and you can easily earn in three digits even if you ranked among the last few winners. For toppers though, the amount can get as high as 1 Lakh or more.

You can get Dream 11 for Android and iOS from Dream 11 website.

4) MooCash

This is probably the only entry in the list about which you may not have heard before. The
Moocash is another app that lets you earn money and works in a similar way like the Google Opinion Reward but the tasks are not only limited to surveys. You may also need to watch ads or trailers, install various apps and games to be eligible to earn money.

The reward is pretty solid and varies depending on the task you perform. For doing a certain task you may earn Paypal cash but for a different task you may end up earning prepaid mobile recharge vouchers. You can also choose different brand cards such as Netflix, Uber etc. There is also an option to get free social media followers in exchange for doing a task.

The cash amount is also variable and you can earn as much as USD 5 for a single task.
According to stats provided by Moocash some users have earned as much as USD 1026.38 as a reward.

Download Moocash for Android from the Google Play store and this app is also available on Apple app store.

5) Fin-Tech apps and cashbacks

Another way to earn smartly is by using the trending fin-tech apps which offers hefty cashbacks when you use them to shop or pay or your bills. Some of these apps such as Paytm, Freecharge are available on both mobile and desktop but some of these such as PhonePe are available exclusively on mobile.

There is nothing complicated about earning money using these apps. When you shop online or pay the bills or book a movie ticket, simply choose these wallets or their UPIs to earn hefty discounts. These discounts are available pretty regularly and the offers are spread across a number of categories.

The cashbacks are, however, can not be transferred into your bank account and can be used using only these wallets. Also, often they have a limited validity period and must be used before the expire.


The apps listed below offer you decent money in exchange for some simple tasks and they are pretty much trustworthy. But when you look for similar apps with even better and unbelievable offers, be sure to cross check and confirm if they are legitimate before you enter your sensitive personal information. And in case if you wanna play safe and content with small but regular rewards, stick with the apps listed above and see your dreams becoming true.

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