BHIM App Refer Trick to get Rs 50 per Refer and Rs 25 as a sign up Bonus[Bank Transfer]

BHIM App Refer Trick: Make Cashless Payments or receive money from friends, family and customers through a mobile number or payment address. Money can also be sent to an unregistered user using Mobile number, Account number +IFSC and Aadhaar Number. You can also collect money by sending a request and reverse payments instantly if required.

This refer and earn program will act as a push in digital payments in India. Since demonetization, people have adopted different digital payment method. In order to achieve the goal of Digital India, PM Modi is giving us a chance to earn money by adopting digital ways of payment. This would attract more and more users on board of aadhaar enabled payment system. so below is BHIM App Refer Trick to earn money Online.

BHIM App Refer Trick to Get Rs 50 Per Referral

1.  click here to install App and Enter Refer code as 7415688892

or Scan below QR Code to Install BHIM App

2. New BHIM user (Referee) initiates access to BHIM app or by dialing *99# from his/her mobile number registered with bank and complete on-boarding process on BHIM i.e. downloading, registering and fetching the bank account

  1. After entering 4 digit passcode, you will be taken to main app interface. Then note down you UPI address. If you have not yet assigned it, just goto My Profile > click on 3 dots at top right corner > settings > scroll down and at the bottom of page, there will be an option to edit your VPA.

  2. Now just do any 3 transaction to get Sign up Bonus. After opening app, either send money to your friend or make transaction at merchant. Then enter his/her UPI address and on the next window fill up the referral code. Now complete 2 more orders to enjoy your 25 Rs cashback.

5. To refer just share your QR code. Just go to your Profile and share your code.

6. when you Friend Install using your QR code you get rs 10 Per Referral

7. If you refer one person to app and he completes 3 transactions minimum through the app, you will earn Rs 50.

8. Apart from refer and earn program of BHIM app, will allow users to earn cashback for making digital payments through the app. share and earn money online.

To establish the referral relationship between referrer and referee

  • Referee needs to enter the referral code (mobile number) of the referrer at the time doing the first financial transaction with any unique user (to any valid UPI user including BHIM)
  • The referral code field (as an option) will appear on the transaction page and will be visible only to the new BHIM user (referee) at the time of their first financial transaction process
  • In case of *99#, the referee will choose the option of entering the referral code (as an option) at the time of on-boarding
    System shall validate that if the referrer mobile number is valid BHIM registered

How to Check Referral Rewards?

  1. Simply open the app and select ‘transactions’ option.

  2. Then tap on the top right corner and click on ‘rewards’ tab.

  3. That it. Now it will show you the history of all referral credits.

Note : This refer and earn scheme is in beta mode. Complete terms & conditions of the offer are not yet known but we will update them here as soon as we get the further details.

How to pay using BHIM App

  1. If you are a merchant, login with your aadhaar number.

  2. Validate the aadhaar using your fingerprint.

  3. Now to accept payment from a customer, click on Aadhaar Pay.

  4. Enter customer’s Aadhaar number.

  5. Enter Customer’s bank name and amount to be paid.

  6. Select ‘Yes’ to proceed.

  7. Validate the transaction using customer’s fingerprint.

  8. After successful authorization, the amount will be transferred from customer’s bank account to merchant’s bank account.

  9. In order to pay using aadhaar payment app, merchant needs a smartphone connected to a bio-metric scanner. If your phone has an inbuilt fingerprint sensor then you may not require an external fingerprint sensor.

  10. The bank accounts of both merchant and the customer need to be linked with aadhaar to make aadhaar enabled payments.

Transaction Limits:

  • Per transaction maximum limit of Rs. 10,000
  • Per day maximum transaction limit of Rs. 20,000

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday suggested an easy way for youngsters to make a quick buck this summer vacation. He said for every person you introduce to the BHIM app, you will get a cash back of Rs 50.

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  1. How will anyone scan the qr code to install the app? From which software (app) can the qr code be scan to install the app?

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