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If you are a students, than you are the one who knows that essays usually consist of a great number of different elements like arguments, criticism, observation of daily life and experience, and the author’s reflections, of course.

When writing essays, students usually face problems with structuring and expressing their thoughts. No wonder that many of them hire a custom essay writer, because they cannot cope with this complicated task themselves.

If you are and international student and learning English or you are aiming to improve your writing skills, you can find countless books that promise to polish your skills. Some of them are really great, the others are completely useless. We have gathered a branch of useful materials for you in this article, so take a look at some books that may help you to write better or even become a novelist!

A list of awesome books for you

David Olsen, Michelle Bevilacqua, and Justin Cord Hayes: The Big Book of Words You Should Know

If you want to expand your word stock, this book is for you. There you will find some words you’ve never heard before. We bet that your tutor never heard them either! The fluency of your writing and speaking will become more imaginable!

John Gardner: The Art of Fiction: Notes on Craft for Young Writers

This book is a vital resource not only for those who is about to master the art of writing fiction, but also for the college students who aim to write their essays on the highest level. There you will find some tips about how to craft sentences, avoid clichés and create memorable characters.

William Strunk Jr. and E.B. White: The Elements of Style

If you need to improve your writing style and composition, this must one of the best books for you.

William Sabin: The Gregg Reference Manual

This is a nice guide of grammar, style, and formatting. The book contains everything you want to know about essays, documents, letters, speeches, etc.

Bonnie Trenga: The Curious Case of the Misplaced Modifier

This book deals with the most essential part of every text: a sentence and its structure. If you feel like you mess up when it comes to modifying, than check out this book.

If you do not have enough time to read all the guides and manuals, you can always request help from those who have already read them all and order you essay from “write my essay” services

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