How To Bypass App Lock In Android Device Without Password

Bypass App Lock : Wondering how to unlock app lock without password in android phones? Is it possible to bypass the Applock folder-lock on apps without even knowing the password? Yes, it is possible, and here it is how. It is very annoying to see every app locked by Applock in your friend’s phone and you want to access it for some reason. Here are some Tips to protect your smartphone from hackers

You might have seen in your friends android smartphone locking some apps and games, which makes others to prevent opening locked apps without password. Then you cannot open such locked apps normally. But you can Bypass or Hack App Lock in android with this simple tricks. remember do this only for educational purpose

How To Bypass App Lock In Android

#Method 1 : Disable App Lock For Some Time(Preferable Method)

1.  First choose your victim who having app lock program in their phone .

2)  after that navigate to menu>> Settings >>apps 

3) after that you see  “Downloaded apps” button simply click on it  

4) and you need to Search for “App Lock” Application.

5) when you found app lock application now  Tap on the App Lock application.You will see “Force Stop” application. Tap on that.

6) Now you have successfully stopped App Lock application and your victim don’t know about your work. make him completely prank.

in this method you are not going to uninstall app lock here you simply disable app lock for some time so your victim totally unaware .This is the most easy and preferable method to bypass or hack app lock in any android phone without uninstalling the App Lock. Yes, there is no need to uninstall the app lock like as in above method. You can just stop it.

How To Lock The App Again After Usage ?

To lock the app again after usage, just open”App Locker” from the app drawer. No need to enter password. Just open and close the “App Lock Application”.

How To Secure Yourself From Such Hacks:

I am provide two method above for bypass app lock so you think about yourself someone also hacked you using such type of attacks .so here I am also give a trick by which you can secure yourself from bad guys .

In above method you realize that if hacker not access your phone setting then he will not navigate to app manager and never  disable your app lock .simply  you cannot hack App Lock application if the admin has locked “Settings”. I hope you got my point.

#Method 2: Uninstall App Lock  ( Less Important Method )

1)  First of all you need to  select target phone having app lock for a program.

2) After that click on menu >>setting >>Apps manager
3) in app manager scroll and search for app lock after you get app lock click on it and uninstall the app lock.

4) now when you uninstall app lock your friend’s mobile is free to use.
That’s it. you have bypassed the app lock.
Admin of the phone might know, if you uninstall the app. This is not preferable that’s why you need to come on my second method of bypassing app lock without fear of your friend.
So these are some Methods to Bypass App Lock in Android without knowing Password. Don’t miss use the Trick and do share this with your Friends.

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  1. not interesting post dear ….. wat if the user have locked setting … how will we open settings and go through downloaded apps

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