You can now spy on an iPhone without having access to it – Here’s how

Wouldn’t you just love to spy on someone’s phone and freak them out? The market is filled with tons of apps that allow you to spy on a phone remotely, especially an Android phone. But, there aren’t many options out there for spying an iPhone. Then, there is the issue of jailbreaking as you can’t really install a third-party app without it. Jailbreaking also alters numerous things on a phone like, messing up the device security and making it more vulnerable.

There is an app to spy on the phone remotely, and you wouldn’t have to jailbreak an iOS device either.

Use Xnspy App to Spy on a Phone Remotely

You can completely rely on this app because it works! No matter what your need is, whether you are a cautious parent or a suspicious partner, Xnspy is a great app to spy on a phone remotely. And if it is an iPhone that you wish to spy on, then there is no need to jailbreak the device either.

You can use this app to spy on a phone remotely and gain access to someone’s text messages, call logs, emails, multimedia, web browsing history, locations as well as social media activity. The app gives you clear access to all that is happening on their phone. The app works silently in the background without hindering any of the phone operations. The best part is that to spy on an iPhone, you don’t have to physically access the device. All you need is their Apple ID credentials and you are good to go!

step-by-step guide for you to walk yourself through the entire setup process:

iCloud Backup Configuration

First of all, you have to configure the iCloud backup. The feature is usually enabled on iPhone but if it isn’t, or you don’t know how to do it follow the steps below:

1) First of all, go to the settings of the iPhone (the one you want to spy on). Then, go to iCloud and then enter the Apple ID and password.

2) After the ID details get verified, the device would save your account details. Select the ON options for all the feature except keychain.

3) Now go the Backup and then Toggle ON iCloud backup.

Sign into your Xnspy Web Account

You can spy on the phone remotely with Xnspy and that, too, without any prerequisites of having physical access to the phone. After you have successfully subscribed to the app and the app has synced with the iPhone’s iCloud, its work begins. You have to:

1) Sign in to your Xnspy web account using the login credentials which you received in email.

2) Then you have to select the iOS No-Jailbreak as your platform.

3) Now, click on the iCloud Setup and enter the iCloud credentials of the phone user.

4) You will see the devices which are registered with the iCloud credentials, select the device you wish to spy on.

5) Click Finish to save the settings and exit.

Once you are signed into your account/control panel, you could easily navigate through the various features of Xnspy, such as messages, call logs, web browsing history, emails, multimedia, locations, and a lot more.

Re-Login your web account and begin spying

You have to log in to your web account after 24 hours have passed. Now 24 hours is enough time usually, but if the internet connection is a bit down then, it is better to wait for 48 hours and then log in again. By then, the app would have uploaded all the data to your web account.

Once that process completes, you could access the online dashboard, which acts as a guiding map. You can access the various activities and functions of the iPhone you are monitoring. You would be able to see everything at a glance. The user interface features a simple and easy-to-understand layout that makes it convenient to use and see all the activities of the phone.

All you need to do is simply subscribe to Xnspy to spy on the phone remotely, be it an Android device or iPhone. It works on both smoothly. Xnspy is currently trending as one of the top apps to spy on the phone remotely. Offering both basic and advanced monitoring features, it provides you with a hassle- free experience and checks all the right boxes of top-ranking spy app.

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