Review | Worst and Fraud website for affiliate Marketing

If you are earning online then you may have used affiliate marketing as one of the earning method, recently amazon have changed may of their terms and condition and your amazon affiliate account may have got blocked, so now you may are searching for other affiliate websites for amazon affiliate. My Amazon affiliate account also got blocked so i got to know website is giving amazon tag id’s for affiliate.

I have taken Cashclub amazon tag id as they promised they will share 90% of the earning, but all were LIES.  Their tracking is also not accurate and previously i was earning around 2500 per day which came down to 500 or less, so below is my honest review on Cashclub website. Review

1) Order tracking is not accurate.

2) They are not honest to show your actual earned money instead they will show you whatever they want to show

3) Contact support is not good and response is not timely

4) at the end they will not pay anything and say your earning is rejected.

I have also added screenshot of the chat, you can clearly check how their support is!

Final Word on Review

So at the end i would say never trust on they will not pay even single penny and you will loose all your hard earned money. If you really want to earn from amazon affiliate then use genuine sites like earnkaro and cashkaro.

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  1. Yes cashclub is a fraud website, please dont trust them. I have lost 1 and half lakhs. They stopped replying and not attending my calls. I donno how they can live happily with our hard earned money. They are total fraudsters.

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