CCRB Coin Refer and Earn – Get 5$ on Sign up + Refer and Earn More

CCRB Coin Refer and Earn – Here is new ICO which is giving 5$ on signup and Share your affiliate link to receive 10% bonus from every CCRB purchase made through.You can choose to claim your bonus in CCRB, BTC or ETH. This Offer ends in 20 Hours so grab CCRB Coin Refer and Earn offer.

CryptoCarbon is an Ethereum-based token issued using the EToken Protocol, which is a set of Ethereum smart contracts. It has a adjustable token supply. CryptoCarbon is backed by CRYPTOCARBON GLOBAL LTD and it is currently accepted for many services and products sold by a UK based company BEE-ONE UK LTD.

CCRB Coin Refer and Earn

This Cryptocurrency is trusted as it is also listed in Coin MarketCap Website. Current value of CCRB is $0.649542 USD. You can refer your friend to get this Coin For Free. you can Redeem it in your ETH or Bitcoin Wallet.

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How to Join in CCRB Coin Refer and Earn 

1) Click here to make Account

2) Enter your Details like name email address and verify your details.

3) Now in Dashboard you will see 5$ in your Account.

4) Now goto Refer and Earn Section to get your Refer Link.

5) Share this affiliate link to receive 10% bonus from every CCRB purchase made through. You can choose to claim your bonus in CCRB, BTC or ETH.

6) You also earn $10 worth of CCRB for every free signup on our site through your unique referral link.

7) CCRB Coin Refer and Earn ends on 28th Jan 2018.

all referral bonuses that you earn from free sign-ups on the CCRB website will be credited to the pending CCRB section of your account, and will be automatically moved to your approved wallet in the due course and made available for withdrawal once the Token Flash Sale is completed.

What is CCRB or CryptoCarbon

The CCRB Ecosystem is what creates the usability that makes our cryptocurrency truly innovative and unique. CCRB launched the concept of blockchain technology written on the dynamics of the “Proof of Spending Protocol – POSp” (Patent App No: GB1719487.9)

The “POSp” Protocol validates transactions and the participating parties, to create new value after every successful transaction. The POSp concept covers all validated spending including public sector spending, private sector spending, trade spending, charity spending as well as any kind of transaction that is processed between two or more parties.

Why they are Giving Free CCRB Coins

Whenever a new company comes with a new project in Crypto world and introduces their token, they sell these tokens via crowd sale by launching their ICO (Initial Coin Offering). ICO is similar to IPO (Initial Public Offering, in stocks/shares). ICO is a way for the company to get funds for their project.

After all the tokens are sold out, the company then ties up with leading cryptocurrency exchanges such as Binance, Bittrex, KuCoin and lists the tokens on their websites. Now everyone who purchased the tokens in the sale can start trading their tokens for real money on these exchanges and generally, the listing token price is 3-4 times than what it was in ICO. Some good projects like NEO even go up to 100 times.

So here comes the useful part for you – You need not always buy tokens in ICO. Many companies keep a small part of their tokens for giveaways. Just earn those tokens and then sell them when they are listed on exchanges. Free Money!

So avail CCRB Coin Refer and Earn offer to Get 5$ on Sign up + Refer and Earn More. This Flash Sale will be ended on 28th Jan 2018.

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