Cool Internet Tricks We Bet You Didn’t Know

Cool Internet Tricks : Find yourself wasting a lot of time with not knowing how to do things? These simple tricks will make you’re a load faster when it comes to performing tasks and browsing through the internet. How many of these tricks did you know?

Cool Internet Tricks We Bet You Didn’t Know

1. Use Ctrl + Enter to add .com or www. To any word you enter

2. Hold S + Right click to reverse an image while browsing

3. Closed a tab by mistake? Ctrl+ Shift+ T will get it back right away

4. Use “Media Hint” to view content that is blocked in yours

5. Browse without the search listed in your history by going in incognito mode by clicking Ctrl+ Shift+N

6. Use The Cursor Move By words. CTRL + Arrow key will get you jumping to the start of the word and Ctrl+ backspace will delete the previous word

7. Ctrl + L will highlight the Url bar

8. Use Plugins to make your browsing experience greater ( Youtube Center, Adblocker, Imagus, etc.)

9. Use “k” To pause a video on Youtube apart from the usual spacebar

10. Accessed a site that you’ll have to pay in a few days? Just delete your cookies and access it free again or just browse in incognito mode

11. Wanna fool your boss and procrastinate your work? Just corrupt your file by doing this-

12. Ctrl + will make the text bigger and Ctrl – will reduce it

13. Need a disposable email id to avoid spam? Use this 10 minute mail

14. Use to access websites restricted in your country

15. Looking for that desired book? Try this on the search engine in this particular order: Book Title filetype:PDF

16. Want a discount on your product while shopping online? Just put the product in your cart and keep it there for a few days, you’ll automatically get an offer or discount for it within a week.

17. Shift between tabs by holding Ctrl+ Shift+ Tab

18. Access a subscribed or private site by deleting the “watch” in the Url

19. Wanna track your UPS package? Just Google the UPS tracking number

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