Create Contact Forms Using AidaForm Online Form Builder

Adding a contact form on your website could make a big difference. Not only will it provide
an easy and convenient ways for visitors to get in touch, but it will also be less susceptible to spam than if you published your email address directly.

The only caveat is the fact that it can be a bit difficult to create contact forms. But that can
be sorted quite easily with the help of AidaForm Online Form Builder.

How Does it Work?

Simply put AidaForm’s platform will let you build contact forms quickly and easily by making it an entirely graphical process. To use it you just need to sign-up for a free account on their website, log in, and follow a few steps:

1. Start to create the form

Click on the ‘Create a Form’ button in the members’ area after you’ve logged in, then
select one of the templates that are available (or the blank template if you prefer).

2. Structure the contact form

Open up the Form Elements section and drag over the elements that you want to
add to your form, such as a Name, Email Address and Message field. The elements
will be set up automatically, or you can customize the label, hint and error message.

Some of the other elements you may want to add to your contact form include a list
for the Subject, a file upload field so attachments can be sent, or a CAPTCHA field to
verify that a real person is responding to the form.

3. Apply a smart theme

Open up the Form Designer section and choose one of the themes based on the
appearance that you want your form to have. If necessary you can customize the
theme further and adjust the colors or fonts, or even add a logo or background

4. Publish the form on your website

Click ‘Publish’ when you’re satisfied with the contact form you’ve created. In most
cases you will want to export the embed code for the form so you can copy and
paste it onto your website, however at times you may want a direct-link that you can
attach to a button instead.

After your form goes live, you’ll be able to collect responses from visitors using it. If you
want you can set up AidaForm to notify you when responses are sent, and you can check
the online interface to view them.

As you can see it really isn’t that difficult to create a simple contact form using AidaForm,
and the same applies for all other forms. Due to the intuitive approach and features that are available to you, it will be easy for you to create all types of forms – including surveys, polls, feedback forms, registration forms, and more.

Essentially all you need to do is decide on the fields you want to add to your form, and you
should be able to use AidaForm to create it in just a few minutes.

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