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Splunk Enterprises is the biggest data solution provider as of yet. While this has drastically helped organizations reach their goals. The Splunk Certified Professionals are also enjoying their perks. If you get certified you can provide your organization with all the benefits that your skills can manage. In terms of Splunk Certified these benefits are huge.

So stop thinking and apply for Splunk Enterprise Certified Architect SPLK-2002 Exam. Which is one of the requirements to get certified. Need help? DumpsPedia is here to provide you all good stuff: Latest Splunk SPLK-2002 Exam Questions, Affordable Rates, and a huge bulk of Practice Test Questions.


What is Splunk Architect?

A Splunk Enterprise Certified Architect is on who understands Splunk Deployment methodologies and know best practices. He is the one responsible for planning, data collecting and deploying. Also, he troubleshoots standard distributed deployment through indexers and searches head clustering.

Splunk offers Splunk Enterprise Certified Architect certification for those architects who want to validate the above-mentioned skills. For that to happen candidates must fulfill the following requirements:

  1. Pass Fundamental Exams
     Splunk Core Certified Power User SPLK-1002
     Splunk Enterprise Certified Admin SPLK-1003

  2. Pass Splunk Enterprise Certified Architect Exam
     Splunk Enterprise Certified Architect SPLK-2002

Best practices need the best resources. Dumpspedia.com will offer your handy SPLK- 2002 Test Questions. What’s more, we have a fine collection of Splunk Exams. You can prepare the Splunk Enterprise Certified Architect Exam and prerequisite exams all from a single platform.

SPLK-2002 Exam Description:

This Splunk SPLK-2002 dumps is your final step toward gaining Splunk Enterprise Certified Architect certification. The exam is an 87-minute assessment including 90 questions to evaluate your knowledge and skills in Splunk Deployment Methodology and best practices for planning, data collection, and sizing etc.

Exam Topics:

Following are the topics with their percentage in the exam:
 Introduction (2%)
 Project Requirements (5%)
 Infrastructure Planning: Index Design (5%)
 Infrastructure Planning: Resource Planning (7%)
 Clustering Overview (5%)
 Forwarder and Deployment Best Practices (6%)
 Performance Monitoring and Tuning (5%)
 Splunk Troubleshooting Methods and Tools (5%)
 Clarifying the Problem (5%)
 Licensing and Crash Problems (5%)
 Configuration Problems (5%)

 Search Problems (5%)
 Deployment Problems (5%)
 Large-scale Splunk Deployment Overview (5%)
 Single-site Indexer Cluster (5%)
 Multisite Indexer Cluster (5%)
 Indexer Cluster Management and Administration (7%)
 Search Head Cluster (5%)
 Search Head Cluster Management and Administration (5%)
 KV Store Collection and Lookup Management (3%)

Above mentioned topics are just for a general guideline. Therefore, there can be additional topics included or some of these removed from the syllabus at any time without notice. The best way to not suffer at hands of changes in your exam content we recommend you buy Latest SPLK-2002 Exam Questions. These Exam questions are updated regularly to cater to your needs.

Before you apply for the exam you should know:

How much does Splunk Architect Certification Exam cost?

All Splunk Exam costs $125 USD each. You can pay for the same through Pearson VUE or credit it to EDU vouchers. The voucher is $500 USD for five exams in total. Also, having a Splunk Account can aid you in registering, paying or following a certification.

When Does Splunk Architect Certification Expire?

Splunk Certification Exams normally retired after 2 to 3 years. The associate level exam retires in 2 while the Architect Exam which is an advanced-level credential is valid for three years.

How much does Splunk Architects Earn?

Normally, Splunk Certified Architects can earn up to $113,445 on yearly basis. However, the approximate range is up to $143,940 yearly for Enterprise Architects.

How do I Prepare the SPLK-2002 Exam Questions?

Preparing for the SPLK-2002 Certification Exam is no big deal if you got a good prep guide. Dumpspedia makes sure you never miss the mark. The Latest SPLK-2002 Exam Practice Questions are tested and approved by Professionals which are most effective where it matters. Through our Test Practices, you will learn to keep up with the time limit and answer maximum questions correctly. As a result, you will gain that wonderful outcome that  you always wanted.

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