Durga Puja Wishes in Bengali (Best wishes in Bengali)

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The auspicious time of Maa Durga’s arrival is approaching again as it’s time for devotees of goddess Durga to gear up for the celebration of Durga Puja. This divine festival of 9 days brings an auspicious time for devotees to worship the goddess and celebrate.

So it’s time again for all to greet near and dear ones with hearty Durga Puja wishes.

Durga Puja Wishes – Happy Durga Puja to All

Durga Puja is one of the biggest spiritual as well as cultural festival of India. This spiritual event is celebrated by worshiping of Goddess Durga. Lets celebrate this Sharadiya Season by sending cute Durga Puja sayings, sharodiya sms greetings, text messages, qutoes and wishes in bengali to your closest friends, beloved ones, parents and relatives. So Below are some Durga Puja Wishes. Here’s Happy New Year Wishes in Hindi 2023

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Durga Puja Wishes in Bengali

Sheuli Phooler Gandho Ma Eseche Ghore Abar
Dorja Keno Bandho Pujo Elo Tai
To Abar Bajna Bajay Dhaki
Pujo Aste R Je Nei Ekta
Din-O Baaki.
Suvo Durgotsav…

Elo Khushir Sarat Ek Du Himel Hawa
Dhaker Upkar Kathir Awaz
Mayer Kache Jaoa
Onek Khushi Onek Alo
Pujo Ebar Katuk Bhalo..

Brishti Pore Tapur Tapur..
Bonge Elo Baan
Dugga Thakur Barir Pothhey
Bom Bholkar Maan
Aye Brishti Jhhepey
Buker Majhey Aaye
Shopno Hoye Chhoriye Debo
Karo Chhokhher Anginay..

This Durga Puja I Want To Thank You
For All The Times That You Have Been By My Side
I Want To Thank You For All Times
You Held My Hands
Trough The Tough Times And Made
It Much More Easy
For Me To Face Rough Tides
I Want To Thank You For Every Moment….

You Mad Me Feel Loved
And Wanted Sending You My
Choicest Greetings This Durga Puja 2017..

I Woke Up This Morning And Felt The Fresh Morning Breeze
The Festivity In The Air Filled My Heart With Joy To Degrees..
I Want To Wear My Festive Cloths
And Hang Around With Friends And I Just Want
To Have A Really Good Time And Enjoy Till The Day Ends..

Maa Durga Is Here To Add Joy To Our Day
She Is There To Bless Us In Every Single Way…

Durga Puja Wishes in Bengali

Ebar mago biday tabe,
Aasche bachar aabar habe,
Sabai ke maa rakhis sukhe,
Bijaya hok mistimukhe
Shubho Bijoya!

Sango holo pujor bela,
Aaj mayer jabar pala,
Asche bochhor aabar hobe,
Moneteei aasha robe,
Suru holo sindhur khela,
Bijoya sarbo eibela,
Tai aamar bishesh dhara,
Sms e Bijoya sara,
Shubho Bijoya!

Dhaker Kathir Misti Resh,
Pujo Ebar Holo Sesh,
Nuton Ashai Bandhi Buk,
Sobar Echche Puron Hok,
Asche Bachor Abar Hobe,
Ke Jane K Kothai Robe.
Subho Bijoya!

Pujor din r khusir hawa,
Char-diner ei chawa-pawa,
Sob periye aj bijoya,
Shuvecha tai janiye dewa,
Mon bole aj dhaker robey,
Asche bachar abar hobe,
Subho Bijoya!

Bhalo thaka Bhalobasha
Bhalo mone kichu asha
Bedonar dure thaka
Sukhsmriti fire dekha
Bodhon theke boron-dala,
Bijoya mane egiye chala.
Subho Bijoya!

Shiuli Phuler gandhe jeno bhore gelo mon, 
Subhro sitol kasher sobhaye juralo du nayan,
Agomonir barta boye bajche dhaker sur,
Sharodiyar dingulo hok anondo modhur !
Subho Durga Puja !

Himer paras lage prane, sharodiyar agomone agamonir khobor peye boner pakhi uthlo geye, ma ashche amader ghore, pujo katuk shobar mon bhore.

Subhro shitol kasher sobhay juralo dui nayan, shiulir modhur gondhe bhuvan holo bhorpur. Ei kamona roilo je pujor dingulo tomader hok modhur.

Sisir bheja bhorer batash ar jholmole rod niye elo khushir amej o pujor anondo. Pujo katuk shobar hullor, adda r pujo porikromar anonde.

phuler gondhe meteche shara akash. Kash phul r ghasher dolay bojha gelo mayer padadhwani. Pujor antorik shuvechha janai tomake!

Debir agomone tomar jibon hoye uthuk shundor. Durga Pujor antorik shuvechha janai.

Durga Pujor kota din shobai hoi badhonchara. Pujor shuvecha or shuvokamona roilo.

Shoroter himel hawai mayer agomone shokole jeno thake bhalo. Onek khushi r onek aloi pujo jeno shobar kate bhalo.

Dhaker upor chilo kathi, asha kori pujo hoyeche jomjomati. Mayer pherar belai tomai janai bijoyar shuvechha r antorik obhinondon

Shastithe khushir amej, Saptamite nachgan, Ashtami r Nabamite paray paray ghure berano, r dashamite bidayer sure kada. Shubho Bijoya!

Durga Puja Wishes in Hindi

Smile happily this Durga Puja
Its the time of the year
To get together with family,
Its the time of the year
To smile happily.
Its the time of the year
When Maa Durga is there to bless,
Our homes and lives in excess.
Sending warm wishes on Durga Puja…

On this auspicious occasion of Durga Puja,
I wish you are blessed
With prosperity and success by Ma Durga

Durga Puja is a blessed time.
Rejoice in the glories of Maa Durga
And celebrate all the blessings
Of the goddess with your friends,
Family, acquaintances and loved ones
Best Wishes from me on this Durga Puja!!

On this auspicious day of Durga Puja My greetings to you, ‘Sarba Mangala Mangalle
Shiv e Sarbastho Swaidhikey’
Happiness & betterment at all levels
For all for all time to come,
Success at the end of all your pursuits
in the most truthful way.

Shiuli phuler gondhe meteche shara akash.
Kash phul r ghasher dolay
bojha gelo mayer padadhwani.
Pujor antorik shuvechha janai tomake…

May Maa Durga strengthens you
To fight all evils,
May she gives you the courage
To face all upheavals.
May Maa Durga fulfills
Every dream you desire,
May she fulfills them
And takes you higher and higher.
May she empowers you with
Name, fame and health,
May she bless your life
With lots of riches and wealth!!
Happy Durga Puja to you and your family…

Let the festive spirit embrace you
And your dear ones
On this special occasion.
!!Wishing you a happy Durga Puja!!

Sending my warm wishes
For a Durga Puja that
Brings you good fortune and success.
May Goddess Durga shower
Her choicest blessings on you today and forever…

I woke up this morning
And felt the fresh morning breeze,
The festivity in the air
Filled my heart with joy to degrees.
I want to wear my festive clothes
And hang around with friends,
I want to have a good time
And enjoy till the day ends.
Maa Durga is here to add joy to our day
She is there to bless us in every single way.

Durag Puja khushiyon ka,
Ujaalon ka, Umeendo ka,
Is Durga Puja aapki Zindagi
Khushiyon se bhari ho,
Duniyan ujalon se roshan ho,
Ghar par Maa Durga ka Aagman ho
Happy Durga Puja!!

durga puja wishes in bengali script

হ্যাপি দুর্গা পূজা

দুরগ পূজা খুশিয়ান ক,  উজ্জাল ক, উমেইদো ক,  দুর্গা পূজা কি  খুশিয়ার ভেরী হো,  দক্ষিণ থেকে,  দুর্গা জন্য হোম প্রতিকার  শুভ দুর্গা পূজা !!

আমি এই সকালে জেগে উঠলাম  এবং তাজা সকালে বাতাস অনুভূত,  বাতাসের উত্সব  ডিগ্রি আনন্দে আমার হৃদয় পূরণ  আমি আমার উল্লসিত পোশাক পরতে চাই  এবং বন্ধুদের সঙ্গে প্রায় হ্যান্ডেল,  আমি একটি ভাল সময় থাকতে চান  এবং দিন শেষ পর্যন্ত ভোগ।  এখানে মা দুর্গা আনন্দ যোগ করতে এখানে  তিনি সেরা উপায়  ** হ্যাপি দুরগা পূজার **

Durga Puja Whatsapp Status Video

Maa Durga or Goddess Durga is one of the most widely recognized female deities in Hinduism. She is worshipped mostly in the eastern parts of India, especially in Bengal. Durga Puja – the five day festival – is centered on the history associated with Maa Durga. It celebrates the defeat of Mahishasura at the hands of the Goddess – a symbol of the triumph of good over evil. This five-day Puja is widely celebrated by the Bengalis and is their largest, most loved and most popular festival.

So these are best durga puja wishes in bengali language, durga puja wishes in bengali script, durga puja wishes in english, bangla durga puja kobita, durga puja caption in bengali, durga puja sms in bengali language, durga puja wishes in hindi, durga puja wishes quotes.

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