Flipkart Superphone Challenge :- Top 12 Superphones at Great Discount

Flipkart Superphone Challenge – Flipkart is running an offer called The Superphone Challenge, Under this offer you can Grab Top 12 Superphones at Great Discount + Exchange Offers. here you can shop for the brands like REDMI, Panasonic, Moto, Micromax and lot more, To get this offer, here are the steps.

If you want to buy best Android Phone online do check this post before buying anywhere else, so follow below steps for Flipkart Superphone Challenge. In Flipkart Superphone Challenge if you find any of the below mentioned smartphone for less than their Price then you can get that Smartphone for Free.

How to avail Flipkart Superphone Challenge

1. Click here for offer page

2. Browse for the android phone you want to buy

3. Login Signup for your account

4. Add Product to your Cart

5. Enter Shipping Details or here is Trick To Get Free Delivery On Flipkart

6. Pay by your desired method.

7. You will get your Product soon.

Eligibility and Disqualification :

To participate in the Challenge, You are required to do the following during the Challenge Period:

1. Have a valid email ID atleast 6 months prior to the Challenge

2. You should have a registered and active Flipkart account ID.

3. You need to identify any one phone from a particular price band for comparison on Flipkart site only and available at https://www.flipkart.com/superphone-challenge-store. You can choose only one smartphone which will be designated as the Flipkart Superphone for the Challenge.

4. You have to identify a smartphone from within 5% price band of Flipkart Superphone , from the top 5 brands in the Indian Smartphone Market as per the report published by IDC in Quarter 1 2017  http://www.idc.com/getdoc.jsp?containerId=prAP42557317.

5. Such smartphone is required to be available in leading multi-brand large offline retail stores having more than 5 outlets in each city and be present in at least 20 cities across India. Such smartphone shall be designated as the “Challenger Smartphone”.

6. You should have purchased the Challenger Smartphone from the select large format retail stores during the Challenge Period only. Smartphones available in exclusive brand outlets or small retail shops will not be eligible for this Challenge.

7. The Challenger Smartphone needs to be compared with the Flipkart Superphone in the 6 pre-determined features as mentioned below.

Phone Feature Evaluation Parameters Unit
RAM Inbuilt Data Storage Capacity Giga bytes
ROM Inbuilt Data Storage Capacity Giga bytes
Battery Battery Capacity mAH
Screen Type Resolution type Full HD (1920 x 1080pixels), HD(1280 x 720pixels) and Quarter HD(960 x540pixels)
Fingerprint Sensor FPS Available or Not
Camera Front and Rear Megapixels


8. You will have to compare the Flipkart Superphone and the Challenger Phone and establish superiority in 4 out of 6 specifications within 5% of he price band of superphone.

9. It is hereby clarified that 4 out of 6 features should be superior and should not be in parity or equivalent in attributes.

10. You will have to send Your claim, proof of ID (valid govt ID card – Aadhar, Passport, Driving license), comparison entry and proof of purchase (bill in your name, invoice in your name) of the Challenger Smartphone within the Challenge Period to Flipkart at superphonechallenge@flipkart.com through Your registered Email ID on Flipkart.

11. This email id ( superphonechallenge@flipkart.com) is only meant for participating entries and is not meant for entertaining customer queries or escalations related to the challenge.

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