Functions of Cryptocurrency Beyond Payment Gateways: A Compact Guide


In recent times we have seen that people are inclining towards cryptocurrencies to command blockchain technology more and more. We know how Cryptocurrency has made payments only a piece of cake for people around. In fact, due to absence of mediation, and lower transaction fee rates, people are now choosing this form of digital money market at length. 

However, Cryptocurrency does not restrict itself only to making quotidian payments. In this blog, we will take a look at its dive se uses. Without much ado; let us begin right away!

5 Awesome Uses of Cryptocurrency That Can Leave you Spellbound:

  1. Associate Yourself With the Global Market: To begin with, if you are choosing to invest in the cryptocurrency domain, you can easily establish a link with the global money market affair. It is not for no reason that Bitcoin is known as one of the superpowers of the world controlling world politics. If you are an investor here, you can easily make your bit of contribution, however little, or big it may be.
  2. Progressing Towards Yield Farming: If you are investing in cryptocurrencies, you can make an easy progress towards yields farming. If you are actively invested in yourself in this domain, you can have a clear understanding about the many platforms with many different interest rates, and choose to make a wise decision regarding where to invest. It is always a wise option to earn the best possible interest out of your crypto investment, and it is possible with the help of your little time and effort.
  3. Cryptocurrency in Supporting Start-ups: We know that we are living in a largely pandemic affected world. While we have seen that many businesses are having to withdraw themselves from the global market, we have also seen that a number of businesses have started to rise. If you take sufficient interest in cryptocurrencies, you will be easily able to invest in the premature start ups, and help them grow. In this way common cryptocurrency is constantly opening up opportunities for people to grow themselves, and investors are making quite handsome profits out of it.
  4. The Double Value of Bitcoin: Did you know that Bitcoin is not only a currency? Across the world a lot of people have been treating it as property, thereby exploring the double value that Bitcoin has attached to itself. While we have seen that a lot of people are confused regarding whether to see Bitcoin as currency, or property, the fact remains the same that Bitcoin can serve as both. In fact, Bitcoin is very much taxable like any other property.
  5. Taking a World Tour With the Help of Cryptocurrency: Did you know that with the help of Bitcoin you can travel the whole world? Due to the immense amount of prosperity that cryptocurrency has seen in the last decade, it is now possible to go for a world tour with the help of cryptocurrency. It has become the alternate method to make arrangements starting from tickets, to hotels. This only throws light into the growing acceptance of Bitcoin payment methods in different parts of the world. Furthermore, if you have a smart city in mind, it can be even more convenient.

In the above segment we tried to provide some particularly non conventional users of the cryptocurrency, and blockchain technology. The aforementioned users only, over the last decade Bitcoin is becoming more and more acceptable to different sectors thereby bringing in a radical change within the traditional methods of payment. 

Who knew that Bitcoin two can be interesting in its own way? For further reference, check


While everyone is talking about Bitcoin, and people are showing more and more interest regarding this domain, we hope you will also remember the basic caution factors when investing in Bitcoin. When you take the right security measures, you can make payments, or go for non conventional uses of Bitcoin. Make merry!

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