GameOfPoints : Win Tata CLiQ vouchers worth Rs.40,000 everyday!

#GameOfPoints – SEMI FINAL! 9th July Answers for India Vs NewZealand Match – Win Tata CLiQ vouchers worth Rs.40,000 everyday!

What is #GameOfPoints?

GameOfPoints is TimesPoints’ Cricket World Cup game where users can participate by purchasing tickets with their TimesPoints to enter the game and answer 5 simple questions on Cricket. 161 users will be to get prizes per match!

There are 4 types of tickets & prizes:

Ticket Cost No. of Winners Prize
Bronze Ticket 10 TimesPoints 100 Winners per match Rs.100 Tata CLiQ Gift voucher
Silver Ticket 100 TimesPoints 50 Winners per match Rs.200 Tata CLiQ Gift voucher
Gold Ticket 500 TimesPoints 10 Winners per match Rs.1,000 Tata CLiQ Gift voucher
Platinum Ticket 1,000 TimesPoints 1 Winner per match Rs.9,500 Tata CLiQ Gift voucher

BUMPER PRIZE OF Rs.25,000 Tata CLiQ Gift Voucher for the user who answers most number of correct questions by the end of the campaign.

How to win in GameOfPoints?

1) First of all, see the tickets here & log-in to your existing account.

2) Complete your profile if you haven’t already to get 120+ BONUS POINTS INSTANTLY!

3) Earn more Points by reading news/articles, watching videos on Times Of India, NavBharat Times.

4) Now visit for buying tickets for GameOfPoints campaign.

5) You will see tickets for NZ VS INDIA TICKETS

6) Click on Redeem Button of the ticket you want to buy. Remember! The expensive the ticket, the bigger the prize!

7) A confirmation will pop up. Click on Redeem

8) You will get your ticket ID once you click redeem. Use this ID to play on

9) Answer 5 questions from the cheat sheet above & you have a chance to win free Gift vouchers for this match!

10) You can pre-purchase all the match tickets and play before the match. PLAY MORE TO WIN MORE

TimesPoints 09th July Game Correct Answers 

1) Who is the Head Coach of New Zealand Cricket Team?
Answer: Gary Stead

2) Which Indian player has scored the maximum number of Runs in world cup?
Answer: Sachin Tendulkar

3) Who were the runners up of 2015 Cricket World Cup?
Answer: New Zealand

4) Guess how many runs team India will score in India vs NewZealand match.
Answer: 250-300

5) Which team will win the match?
Answer: India

CONGRATULATIONS! You Have Successfully Completed The India vs NZ GameOfPoints & You Will Be Eligible to Win Tata CLiQ Gift Vouchers!

Terms & Conditions of GameOfPoints

1) The Game will have a multiple-choice questions which will be displayed on the Website one day before the scheduled world cup cricket match or such other time as the Company may decide in its discretion. The date and timing when the Game will be open to the participants will be available on the Website.

2) Each Game will have 5 questions and the user who answers all the 5 questions correctly shall stand a chance to win a prize.

3) The value of prize would depend on the value of the ticket purchased by the user as under:

4) 10 TimesPoints – Bronze Ticket – Rs.100 Tata CLiQ Gift Voucher – 100 Winners per match

5) 100 TimesPoints – Silver Ticket – Rs.200 Tata CLiQ Gift Voucher – 50 Winners per match

6) 500 TimesPoints – Gold Ticket – Rs.1,000 Tata CLiQ Gift Voucher – 10 Winners per match

7) 1,000 TimesPoints – Platinum Ticket – Rs.9,500 Tata CLiQ Gift Voucher – 1 Winner per match.

8) Mere participation in the Game will not entitle a user to win the prize.

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