How to get backlinks for Your Blog (Most Effective Methods)

If you are blogger the  you ,ay already know the importance of Backlinks. Getting backlinks can be  a painful process. So let me help you in a more direct way. In this post we have provided best effective ways of How to get backlinks for Your Blog.

I will list some points that you should perform in order to acquire the backlinks. But remember more than the number of links, the quality of links is what matters also “dofollow” pass the link juice  that doesn’t mean “nofollow” is useless.

How to get backlinks for Your Blog

Here are some tips you should follow to get good backlinks to your website. Trust no one. Don’t rely on the tips you read from unknown sources. Build backlinks with patience. Write the right guest posts for the right sites. Don’t leave footprints on your backlinks.

If you want your website to do well in the search engines, acquiring more powerful backlinks is critical to success. In simpler words, there are two types of backlinks that you can generate for your blog.

Top 10 Ways to get backlinks for Your Blog

Guest blogging is the most effective way to reach new audiences. By publishing articles on other popular websites, you’ll get your content in front of new readers and win more exposure. Sometimes, it’s not just about the backlink, but about increasing your online reputation or your social media followers.

1) Do not acquire backlinks from sources that is not related to your niche of website. ( Keep this in mind as a rule ). Follow this rule for blog and forum commenting also. ( Avoiding penalization from future ).

2) Submit your website to business directories. Some of these directories can be paid but most of them allows free listing. Use this resource to acquire recognition from some of the popular links.: Free High PR Directories Submission Sites. Even though I have provided a good list, always prefer for local yellowpages also. Especially localized url with high PR.

3) Connect your social media widgets with your website and verify pinterest. ( Check the icons lying on the bottom left corners. Sources of 6 high quality backlinks lies right there.).

4) Submit infographics to various sites. Here is a list : Free Infographic Submission Sites List . Also do not forget stumbleupon, delicious, pinterest, Instagram etc..

5) Now what you need is a profile. I’m..kidding..what you need is profilesssssss. Choose the appropriate one for your categories..break a leg

6) Don’t forget video submission. Use youtube, metacafe,soundcloud etc..Very good sources of shared backlinks or acquiring backlinks by sharing.

7) Create an affiliate program that will be attractive to your readers.

8) Create contests, giveaway prizes, Connect with other websites in your niche or connect with sponsor and advertise their brand, in turn you will fetch their existing customer base too..Sounds good right ?.

9) You can use like website for buying backlinks. Please be careful and do not buy anything other than work done manually and always prefer backlinks in small quantity. For ex: max 30-40 links.

10. Build links slowly or this might cause the search engine to put you in  a shade of black hat practise.

More Ways of How to get backlinks for Your Blog

Adding backlinks is time consuming, frustrating and something you would rather not do. Be prepared with your HTML codes and BBC codes written out with your website and keywords. That way you highlight, copy and paste. Never use unethical means (automated) to try to gain links. You can also use these High CPC keywords to increase your CPC in Google AdSense.

  1. Have a blog and forum ( In future ) You wouldn’t believe the power of these two.
  2. Interaction in other forums related to your website’s content and commenting on blog posts or even hire a blogger to write about your website.
  3. Have social media connection. Create and actively post on social media sites such as facebook, Twitter ( You really need this one ), pinterest, LinkedIn,vk etc..Sharing matters and you will build links naturally. Try to include your links when you share the content.
  4. Provide testimonials, companies love it…Hey free backlink alert!!!
  5. Have outbound links from your site also. Very few people like to give stuff for free. promote others means they might promote you.

How to get backlinks for Your Blog from Bloggers

  1. Contact other website owners and ask them for a link in turn you can promote them too by writing an article or mentioning some sources provided by them.
  2. Create a topic on a forum, and ask experts or experienced users to interact.
  3. Check backlinks from similar websites. Try if you can achieve a link from there too.
  4. Submit and get estimated by Actionable Analytics for the Web and similarweb. Also entireweb is great.
  5. Ever heard that recognition build backlinks..I just made that up. Use review websites like mouthshut to build recognition also. Try’s very powerful.
  6. Have an e-mail campaign. Promote your stuff including contests. Enough said.

How to get backlinks for Your Blog by Viral Blogs

Remarketing: Have a mailing list of people who subscribed to your website. Engage them by offering something for the top users.

  1. Do create contents that can be viral. Share over social media and above said resources.
  2. Hire multiple authors. More posts more contents to share.
  3. Get a celebrity to tweet about your website. This is difficult but most effective one so far.
  4. Use feedback sites such as They have a dofollow system.
  5. Write product and service review. Tag your profile with the website link. Voila!!!a backlink.
  6. Use shortening of url from bitly. OSE uses these to index some links.
  7. Interlink the internal links in your website. I mean post to post. Google find it very attractive feature.

Well I think this summarize the usual methods of acquiring backlinks. I have tried to be as general as possible so that this post can be of use for anyone who builds backlinks. Feel free to share this content as if you own this resource. Hope it helped. 🙂

So these are some best ways of how to create backlinks for your Website. You can also comment your views on effective ways of How to get backlinks.

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