How to Get Free Bitcoin worth Rs 300

Get Free Bitcoin worth Rs 300 – want to invest in bitcoin but you don’t have money? so here in this post we will name some apps to get Free Bitcoins worth Rs 300 as a sign up Bonus. You just need to sign up using these apps and keep apps in your Android Mobile and your Rs 300 may turn in Rs 3000 if Bitcoin Price Keeps on increasing.

You just have to keep These Free Rs 300 in your App and just check next year in 2019. Your Rs 3000 may turn Rs 1000 or Rs 3000 depending upon rise in Bitcoin Price. You can also refer your Friends to Earn Bitcoin.

Get Free Bitcoin worth Rs 300

So to get Free Bitcoin worth Rs 300 we will use Zebpay app and Unocoin App to get 100 and Rs 200 as a sign up bonus. You need to verify your Account first to get Sign up Bonus, so upload required documents to get Free Bitcoin.

How to Get Free Bitcoin worth Rs 300

Follow below steps to get Free Bitcoin worth Rs 300. Both of these apps are genuine and if you refer your friends to these apps to will get Extra Bitcoins.

Get Free Bitcoin Worth Rs 100 From Zebpay

1. Click here to Install ZebPay App

  1. Open App and enter your Details and Verify
  2. In your app, go to settings > free bitcoins

  1. Enter Zebpay Referral Code as REF88922778 to Get Rs 100 for Free

5. Go to Verification menu , upload PAN Card and Bank Details

  1. After verification approval , press + Sign on front screen , click Accounts and then Deposit, enter deposit amount and transfer the fund the Zebpay account mentioned in the order details
  2. Now Invest in Bitcoin according to your Budget.
  3. Bitcoin value keeps on Increasing and decreasing so keep eye on the value of BTC before investing.

Get Free Bitcoin worth Rs 200 From Unocoin

1.) Download Unocoin App

For Desktop Users: Click here and Apply the Coupon FBA200 / TTC200  / FBE200 / TTA200 to get Rs 200 For Free.

2.) Enter your Email, Password and Enter Unocoin Referral Code as U370639

3.) Enter Unocoin Coupon Code : FBA200 / TTA200 / UNO200 / FBE200 / TTC200

4.) Complete the Registration Process by Verifying your Email Address.

5.) Now Verify your Unocoin Accounts by Submitting your details such as:

  • Pan Card
  • Aadhar Card
  • Photo Copy of Yourself

6) After Verification you will get Rs 200 In your Unocoin. It will get up to 2 Days to verify your Account.

7) After Verification only you will get Rs 200 and Your Refer Code.

8) Now Just Keep that Rs 200 in you App. It will Grow as the Bitcoin value will grow.

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SO just keep both of these apps and as the value of Bitcoin grows your Rs 300 will also grow. to Earn more you can also Refer your friends to get Free Bitcoin. If you are facing any issue in any steps feel free to comment below and we will try to resolve your query.

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