Gokano Refer and Earn offer to get Free Mobiles and Earn Money

Gokano Refer and Earn offer – Get Free Gifts cards, mobile, gadgets from Gokano refer and earn, we have also added Gokano restock reviewsGokano is the site where you can get free gifts after collecting some points, they said that GN. After answering or voting a single question, you can collect GN. Then after collecting the GN, you can redeem the gifts from 3 categories which are gadgets, accessories and electronics.

Gokano is a reward site from which you can earn free gifts cards, android mobiles, free headphones and many more free electronics deals. You just have to refer your friends and complete daily missions to earn more points.

Gokano Refer and Earn offer

Gokano.com is an elite website on which registered users can acquire points by performing simple tasks. Those points can be exchanged for valuable prizes. website pays you to log in and complete quizzes to get 2 points everyday.

After collecting at least 30 points you can redeem them for prizes. Macbook, G-Shocks and more. The referral system works well, after 30 referred people. You’ll get a Gokano shirt, Gold rank and 2x points.

Some Tips for Gokano Refer and Earn offer:-

1) Follow Gokano On Instagram & Turn On Notifications From Them.

2) Keep Your Eyes Open For 2 Days Because Restock Happen Anytime.

3) Instagram Is Fastest Mode….So Don’t Go For Their App Or FB.

4) Always Open Prize In Your Background.

You can win rewards like Pendrive, watches, Car Mobile holder, Sony Headphones, IPhone, MacBook Air etc. The best thing is that you can get a 16 GB Pendrive by login into your account within an interval of 15 days.

How to avail Gokano Refer and Earn Offer

1) Go to Gokano website – Click here

2) Register a new account Like Given Below

3) Now Click on “Mission” and Complete Simple Mission to Get 1 More Point.

4) Complete All Mission Like 1. Daily Mission 2. Extra Mission 3. Social Mission ( Given Below)

5) Click on “Collect Daily Point”  to Get 1 Point for daily Visits.

Steps for Gokano Refer And Earn:-

  1. You Can Also Earn By Inviting Friends.
  2. You Will Get 1 GN Per 1 Friend Referred.
  3. If You Refer 30 Friends You Will Become Gold Member.
  4. Gold Member Means Daily Activity Gives You 4 GN / Points Instead Of 2 GN.

Gokano Restock Time and Date:-

Gokano: “During this restock we had the biggest traffic ever ( 😮 ) so our servers were not working properly. Recently, there were no server issues and we will do our best to ensure that there are no such issues in the next month. We congratulate all winners and encourage you to order also prizes that are still available in gift cards.

  • Prizes In Gokano Can’t Redeem Immediately…. Restock Will Take Place And You Can Order Prize In That Restock.
  • Every Month We Update Time Of Restock.
  • We Always Broadcast To WhatsApp Users If Any Single Product Restock Take Place.
  • There will be no restock alert, everyone has equal chances!
  • It will be a surprise, restock can happen any time, so keep your eyes open 😉

Proof of Gokano Refer and Earn

How To Redeem in Gokano Refer and Earn offer:-

  1. Open Prize Which You Want To Redeem.
  2. When Gokano Restock Time Take Place Refresh Prize Page And Enter Address Fast As U Can.
  3. Verify Captcha And Order Prize.
  4. Hurray You Have Ordered The Prize.
  5. Gokano Restock is notfies in their facebook and Instagram.

Prize Delivery in Gokano Refer and Earn offer:-

  • Gokano Send Every Restock Product After 1 Month.
  • If You Redeem Paypal You Will Get Next Month Instant.
  • If You Redeem Prize….Next Month They Will Deliver You And You Get Within 15 Days Of Delivery

Gokano Restock Server Issue and Users Review

Gokano Restock Review 1

Hello friends I installed this app recently and trust me this is the best app for youtubers you know because: – Since I am a youtuber and I want items and products for unboxing and reviews here you can get items for free fir unboxing and review just you have to do login in gokano and complete his small missions and get coins for example.

If u want a earphone for unboxing than you have just to do is like the facebook pages and post few comments than for 1 page like you will get 1 or 2 coins and than just simply collects or like few more pages and get 70 coins and than get a product for review in freeeeeeeee.

Gokano Restock Review 2

I heard a lot about this website for getting free products in exchanging with its gn points. So, I decided to check this out. I have done lots of work on this website and I became their gold member also. When I have enough gn points to redeem a product, then I came to know that there is a restock system which comes every month on this website. This is worst, because they don’t give us information about time, they only informs about 2 or 3 days in which restock could be takes place.There re-stock are also takes place at night also.and there stocks are only lasts for few minutes.

Every time, I am not able to redeem my gn points. This website wasted my lots of time. I strongly not recommended this website to any one.

Gokano Restock Review 3

Everybody wants free gifts . who doesnt likes free prizes and money .And there comes a website called gokano.com which gives us free prizes just by earning points . I have read the reviews of gokano maximum of them believe that gokano is fake but in my experience its a real website bcuz I got an sony earphone through this site.

Gokano Restock Review 4

Many stories are whirling around this website that is it true or is it a false does it provide you’re guaranteed service or adjust of fake to promote themselves according to me this is a hundred percent real website this website just tells you to do some task invite friends complete the missions share them in social media share the sponsors and all in exchange they provide your favourite gift in their card in exchange of GN points or VP points this is hundred percent original website so that it can be trusted by anyone anyone can join this website for free it does not cost you any money just you have to complete the task and keep your JN.

Gokano Restock Review 5

This website is a fake site they do not give GN and VP points, they says to do some tasks to earn VP points but after completing the task you will not get any points.

The Restock of the products comes twice a year and it is just for 1 minutes, I placed an order for a ubon speaker and they accepted it but afterwards I got a mail that my order has been cancelled and they even did not returned my GN points which I have earned in almost 3 and half months. I am totally depressed because of it, I thought that it is a legit site but now I knew it is totally fake, no site gives you free stuffs. do not waste your time into it.

Gokano Restock Review 6

Gokano.com is a scam, do not use it, I am very much upset because I did not got the prize for which I have ordered on gokano. I earned many GN points to get a power bank but when I ordered the power bank they deactivated my account and when I complained they did not reply anything and they took my all GN and VP points and also they did not approved my order of power bank.

Never use this website, it is totally a fake site, even 2 of my friends also used this they also left as because the stock comes very rare and only few peoples can order at the time of restock, it is totally impossible to get the reward.

They are only grabbing customers so that they can increase their earnings.

Gokano Restock Review 7

Best website for unboxxers because I also had a youtube channel named sachin jhaa and I unbox products on youtube in the last restock which was on september 29 I was unable to order anything but on august restock which was held on 16th august 2017 I ordered a wireless mouse but it has today also not gone to sent that means that they send product in 30 to 45 days .

I didn’t like this function of gokano and one thing the restock problem we can only order prizes from gokano on restock and before going to out of stock this is the second function I didn’t like but the vp system is the best . you can order anything without any restock so I love this function .

Gokano Restock Review 8

This is awesome website for free gift I have got free drone, earphones, headphones from this site this is 100% real website not a fake website they never cheat with u here what is Gokano

Gokano is a elite website which gives free prizes like iPhone 7 Samsung galaxy s8 PlayStation 4 xbox one etc.

So start earning real cash and free electronics gadgets just by completing tasks and referring your friends to gokano, and make sure you are using gokano refer and earn for more benefit. and if you have any doubt feel free to ask in comments.

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