Google Pixel Buds Review with full Details

Google Pixel Buds Review -The Google Pixel Ear Bluetooth headphones are designed to complement the colors and look of the new Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL, while bringing their own translating smarts to the table as well. Here’s GoPro Hero 5 Price in India

The first thing you’ll notice is that, unlike Samsung and Apple, there’s a cord hanging in between the two noise-makers, as while these buds are wireless, they’re not truly so. So below is Google Pixel Buds Review with full details

Google Pixel Buds Review with Full Details

These are cool little buds, and we need to spend more time testing out the translation function and audio quality to truly bring a real-life experience with them – they’re cool and have some unique features other ear buds haven’t though of, but that’s a long way from being the best on the market.

But from a design and fit point of view, they’re good – a little expensive perhaps, but overall still a decent idea from Google and likely to entice people that are worried about losing separate wireless buds.

However, that cord does have some clever uses… not least meaning it’ll be harder to lose them, and you can hang them around your neck when not in use.

Before the eagle-eyed among you point out that it looks as though there’s a wire connecting the two earbuds, you’re wrong. It’s actually a small length of cord, which is mainly there for aesthetic purposes.

You could actually cut it and the headphones would still work. Google chose to design them this way so users have flexibility in terms of how they’re worn. The small cord loops attached to both buds are Google’s version of the plastic wings that are designed to help keep in-ears in position.

Because the Google Pixel Buds don’t slot completely into your ear canal (Google calls them a semi-included design), you need the loops to help keep them stable. Unfortunately, in our brief time with them, we found the whole process of adjusting the loops a bit fiddly and it was quite tricky to get a satisfactory fit.

There could be a certain technique to getting it right, but we couldn’t find in our 15minutes with them at the launch event.

The sound quality seems more than acceptable, with the design of the buds not being truly noise isolating, but still enough to put a decent roar into your ears.

We were, irritatingly, stuffed into a noise demo area, so couldn’t push them to their natural limits, but what we heard was pretty rich and offered a decent level of bass.

The headphones are compatible with any device that supports Bluetooth playback, but are best used with the Pixel – they’ll insta-pair with the new device from Google in the same way Apple’s AirPods do when you open the case for the first time.

The right earbud acts as the master, and its the disc on the outside of this bud that you use to control playback. Tap to play or pause and swipe forwards to turn up the volume and backwards to turn it down.

This is in contrast to a few pairs of in-ears we’ve tested where you can change track using the earbuds but volume has to be done using your phone. If you want to change track using the Google Pixel Buds, you have to press the disc and hold and then ask the Google Assistant to skip tracks for you.

We found the swiping to change volume worked pretty consistently, but the tap to pause function didn’t want to play ball while we were demoing them.

Like the Apple AirPods, the Google Pixel Buds come with their own compact carry case. It’s magnetic and comes in just the one finish pictured here. It features a micro-USB slot for charging and Google claims a single charge of the headphones should provide around five hours of listening.

The carry case should give you four additional charges which should be enough for over 24hrs of total listening. Do comment you Google Pixel Buds Review.

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