A Guide to Betting on Greyhounds

Greyhound races are one of the most popular types of entertainment in India, and every year thousands of races are conducted all over the country. And the best part for greyhound betters is that the greyhound market is just getting bigger and bigger.

Basic betting rules

Before we even start to talk about greyhound betting strategies, first we will talk about general betting rules. These rules apply to all betting activities, and if you want to be a successful gambler or even stand a chance against the bookies, you must blindly follow these rules:

  • DO NOT bet why you are intoxicated
  • DO NOT bet with the money you can’t afford to lose
  • DO NOT bet when you are bored
  • DO NOT chase losses
  • DO NOT bet without a basic strategy

Greyhound racing

Dog racing is a sport in which half of the dozen hounds chase an electrical rabbit, the first one to finish the lap is the winner. Today almost every country that allows these races, also allows commercial betting. It has become a billion-dollar market. Good news for Indian players, India is one of the countries that allow betting on greyhounds. But you need to do your research first for online foreign sportsbooks that have an approved license that can operate in India.

All that said, in the next couple of paragraphs we will be talking about the thing for which you are here and that is how to win money betting on greyhounds. More detailed information about betting on greyhounds can be found here https://parimatch.in/blog/en/greyhound-betting/ as well.

Greyhound bet types

There are 4 common bet types when it comes to greyhound betting:

  • Win bet
  • Place bet
  • Forecast bet
  • Distance betting

The win bet is the type of bet in which you are picking the hound that will win.

Place bet means that you are picking a dog to take either first or second place.

Forecast bet is a little more difficult to win a bet, you need to pick the first two hounds that finish the race and in exact order. There is another type of forecast bet called the tricast best, as the name suggests to win this bet you need to pick the first three hounds to finish the race and in the right order.

Last is distance betting, this bet allows you to bet on how far away will the winning hound be in front of the runner-up when they finish the race.

Greyhound betting strategy

I bet you are thinking: greyhound betting strategy? It’s easy, just pick the fastest hound and you win. Well, not exactly. You see, while the speed of the hound is important, there are a lot of other factors that impact the outcome of the race.

There are three essential things that you have to research if you want to be profitable:

  • Hound’s history
  • Trainer’s history
  • The right bookmaker

Hound’s history

Like professional athletes, racing dogs also have a racing range in which they perform the best. It is crucial to know what this range looks like, and based on that pick the hound. You can pick a fast hound that performs great on short distances, but when it comes to longer tracks he will lose his advantage.

Dog genetics also play a huge part in this, research on the ancestors of the dog will give you a better idea of the speed, mental stability, and stamina of the hound. These factors are of the utmost importance when it comes to greyhound betting.

Trainer’s history

If you want to start betting on the hounds, you first need to research the people that are taking care of the animal. Research and collect all of the data you can on the trainer’s style, the time that the dog has been in training, and the past records of the trainer. Only bet on the animals that are trained by professional, experienced trainers with a proven track record.

The right bookmaker

You can do your research on the hound and the trainer, but if you don’t choose the right bookmaker, this will greatly influence your profitability. Not all bookmakers are suitable for greyhound betting. Pick a safe and secure bookmaker that has the best odds, bet payments options, and bonuses. Because even if you pick the right hound, and you are not getting the best possible odds, this will influence your win rate. This will increase your profitability in the long run. Sites like Parimatch are a great choice when it comes to Indian greyhound bettors.


Greyhound betting is very popular in India, and the most important thing is legal. But before you jump in and start wagering, do your research and in all cases follow the rules on the top of the articles. Good luck!

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