How to Hack Someone’s Instagram Without Them Knowing

To Save Your Relation or Your Spoiling Kid, Instagram Hacking Can Be a Possible Solution at Times

Instagram is one of the top social media apps that has been in use for many purposes, including recreation, earning, keeping in touch with the world, etc. People from all age groups are on this app, and it is safe to say that it tops the list of the most used apps on every phone’s screen time dashboard. Some people spend their time in general scrolling and tapping through the stories; others might be there to search for explicit content and talk to people who they should ethically not.

There are numerous methods to hack Instagram accounts for all the right reasons. We understand that getting into someone’s account without their consent is wrong and illegal in some parts of the world, but if you are doing this without harming the other person, then it is okay.

To hack someone’s Instagram, you can either do it using a keylogger or install spying apps to monitor their activities on social platforms. Hacking is not that risky as it seems, but keeping it low-key and not making other people realize it is pretty tricky. So the only drill is to keep the secret.

Why People want to hack someone’s Instagram account

Everybody has their reasons when they choose to invade another person’s personal space or account. It depends from person to person.

To protect your kids

Social media has incorporated into our routines so strongly that everyone spends a significant portion of their days on their phones. A child mirrors their parents and does the same. Parents, to avoid their kids from being distracted, use the hacking method.

To avoid misconception in close relations

By close relations, I mean your spouse or your girlfriend to whom you owe something. Mainly females in the relationship hack the Instagram account of their partners when they feel something suspicious.

To generally keep a check

Some people who are mostly close to you do Instagram hacking to keep track of your activities on social media to tell you where you are going wrong with the particular app and what you should be avoiding. It could be your mother, your spouse, or your friends who wish for your well-being.

How to hack someones Instagram

There are many techniques available on the internet to reply to ‘how to hack an Instagram account.’ Hacking methods like decoding, using phishing links, and techniques as lame as getting somebody’s credentials when they are drunk, etc., will come forward. I have come up with the two easiest yet effective methods to let you spy on their activities without them knowing it.

Method 1 – Hacking Instagram using a Keylogger

A keylogger is a sneaky form of spyware. It is the easiest way to know what a person writes on Instagram, either in the search engine, in comments, or in direct messages. Install a keylogger, and rest assured that everything the target person types will be sent through the app. In this way, you can sense if something fishy is being typed and catch the culprit red-handed right there and then.

Method 2 – Hack Instagram using spy apps (recommended)

The most talked-about and sought-after method of hacking into somebody’s Instagram account is through spying applications. These applications have a bunch of built-in features that assist you with the typed words and the screenplay. Some of the best apps are;

Best apps to hack into someones Instagram

All of these apps given below are not just entitled to spying on Instagram-related activity; instead, they can spy on anything and everything done on a particular device. They allow you to choose different apps to see what the target person has been doing.


Mspy is very well-known software in the world of spying apps. It allows you to monitor the other person’s activities from any location. It is super easy to use, and you can get access to whatever the other person does. It works on all kinds of devices and is super affordable.

Now hack into someone’s Instagram and rest assured because this does not let the other person know that the app is installed in their phone and works in the background. You can track how long the particular person is spending on an app and get access to all their chat and call history. Even deleted or hidden messages can be seen remotely.


Cocospy is a perfect app that can fulfill all your purposes. Not many apps are there to hack Instagram accounts so perfectly in the market, and Cocospy has brought up the uniqueness. If you just want to monitor Instagram-related activity, then this is the best app you can go for. It is highly affordable and convenient to use.

Cocospy lets you check all the sent and received messages. It also allows you to check the chat beginning and ending timestamps. You can keep track of incoming and outgoing calls along with the person’s location.

Spy human

Spy human, as the name shows, lets you discreetly spy on humans. Spy human has stepped ahead and introduced a call recording feature. May it be Instagram calls or random phone calls, everything can be heard at the other end. The best part about this software is that it provides all the fancy features entirely free of cost.

It is compatible with all kinds of android devices. The best part is that you can view all the pictures sent, received, liked, or saved along with the chat and search history. It enables you to locate them and listen to live voice recordings. On top of that, you can also block the app through your phone when it surpasses the screen time you prefer or is used for wrong purposes, resulting in mishaps if not stopped on the spot.


Social media tells a lot about a person. Spying on your loved ones will save you from potential troubles. Choose one of these apps that suits you best and keep your dear ones virtually closer to you every time. Readers may find this article strange as it talks about hacking and usually people are more curious to find boosting apps for Instagram. Users look for organic tools to grow their Instagram account. But unfortunately they got stuck with apps like combin sometimes. As combin does not work for Instagram, so it just does not give any advantage to the Insta users.

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