How to Fix Android Oreo Bluetooth Problems

Fix Android Oreo Bluetooth Problems – After Android 7.0 many Android Mobiles are now opting for android 8.0. As Android oreo just started many users are facing issues while installation Android oreo, also many users are facing Bluetooth Problems in Android oreo, so in this post we will provide you steps for how to Fix Android Oreo Bluetooth Problems.

Android 8.0 Oreo is plagued with widespread Bluetooth issues and some of them will probably require a fix from Google. That said, you can try and fix the issues on your own right now. If you are Facing Issues in wifi, here’s How to Fix Android Oreo WiFi Problems

How to Fix Android Oreo Bluetooth Problems

If your Bluetooth connection(s) starts acting up, try turning Bluetooth off and then back on again, You can do that from Quick Settings or from within the Settings app. Here’s How to Fix Android Oreo Installation Problems

If that doesn’t work, and it might not, go in and forget the Bluetooth connection causing you problems. Head into your Settings and Connected devices and select Bluetooth. Tap on a device and forget the connection. Reconnect. Here’s How to Install Android Oreo Launcher in Any Android Mobile

Steps to Fix Android Oreo Bluetooth Problems

There was a bug related to Bluetooth in Android Oreo even in the developer preview, due to which devices kept dropping Bluetooth connections. And there were several disconnecting issues and speed / performance problems as well.

1. Restart Bluetooth Connection:

First you should try to restart your Bluetooth Connection. Many a times this helps to fix android oreo Bluetooth Problems. You can do this for a few seconds and see if that makes nay difference in improving the overall Bluetooth connection quality.

2. Reset Bluetooth Device:

If Restarting Bluetooth does not work then try to reset your bluetooth device. Sometimes, there may be issues with your Bluetooth device such as headphones, speakers or other gadgets. One way of solving this issue is to completely reset your Bluetooth device and start pairing it again with your phone.

This is similar to “clearing the cache” in Android phones, but this is for the wireless Bluetooth connection.

3. Restart your Android Device

So this one is another hit and Trail method. Just Reboot your device and see if your Bluetooth is working or not.  There may be several factors why that happened, and a usual reboot-trick does the job.

4. Remove Paired Device:

Another fix you can try is, to unpair every Bluetooth device that has been connected to your Android device. Remove the pairing and connect them again. This time, start with the device that was having issues in the first place. This comes in handy if you paired stops working i.e. doesn’t play music on a Bluetooth speaker.

5. Reset Network Settings

Since Android Marshmallow, Google has added the option to reset your entire phone network settings. This helps when you have added or modified a lot of network related settings in your phone, but now you just want to get back to defaults. This is how you can reset network settings:

  • Go to Settings.
  • Go to Backup & reset.
  • Now tap on the “Network settings reset” option.
  • Hit the “Reset Settings” button.
  • You will be given another warning, hit the “Reset Settings” button again.

If this doesn’t work, try booting your device in Safe Mode. Safe Mode will disable third-party apps and help you isolate potential culprits. There’s a chance one of your apps is causing the problem.

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