How to Fix Android Oreo Data Problems

Fix Android Oreo Data Problems – After Current Update in Android Oreo many users are facing issues in android oreo related to wifi, Bluetooth and many other things. Fixing data issues can be extremely tricky but here are a few things to try if your connections become unreliable with Android 8.0 Oreo on board. Here’s How to Fix Android Oreo WiFi Problems

How to Fix Android Oreo Data Problems

  1. If you’ve checked for outages at Google/your carrier/app provider and you aren’t seeing widespread complaints from other users, power down your device and turn it back on and see if that helps restore your connectivity.

  2. If it’s still busted, try switching your device to Airplane Mode. This will turn off all of your connections. Flip it back on after a few moments and check again.

  3. If that doesn’t help, go into your Settings. Go to Network & Internet and tap on Mobile network. Try toggling cellular data and LTE off and on.

  4. If you’re still unable to get a fast, reliable connection, you’ll need to 1) get in contact with your carrier or Google or 2) factory reset your phone or tablet.

  5. Here’s How to Fix Android Oreo Bluetooth Problems

  6. Here’s How to Fix Android Oreo Installation Problems

  7. Here’s How to Install Android Oreo Launcher in Any Android Mobile

To clarify the situation, Android 8.0 Oreo comes with an extremely useful feature that disables mobile data for all apps when the user it about to reach the end limit for their respective plans. While this feature can help users save excessive spending on data when they exceed their limit accidentally, currently the feature is preventing even those apps from using mobile data that are offered by carriers as zero-rated, as pointed out in a report by 9To5Google.

So try these steps to Fix Android Oreo Data Problems and comment below if these steps works for you.

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