How to Join Sarahah App in Android and iOS

How to Join Sarahah App in Android and iOS – In This Post we will provide All Steps to Join Sarahah App and How to Message in Sarahah App –  The app allows users to send messages anonymously and receive anonymous messages in return, though there is currently no interface for commenting on messages. Navigating to another user’s page displays only their profile photo and a space for you to “leave a constructive message :).”

What is Sarahah App?

Sarahah essentially allows people to send completely anonymous comments to other users, with no way of the recipient replying or knowing who sent it to them.

“Sarahah helps people self-develop by receiving constructive anonymous feedback,” reads the apps description on Google Play Store. Interestingly, Sarahah means ‘honesty’ in Arabic, though this honesty is delivered anonymously. The app is available in English as well as Arabic for iOS and Android users. so below are the Steps of How to Join Sarahah App. Here are Whatsapp Groups Link Collection (More than 800 Groups)

How to Join Sarahah App

1) Download Sarahah app on Android or iOS. Sign up by providing a unique user name, email ID, name and password. Share your Sarahah profile on your Facebook, Twitter, etc. handles. This means you are announcing that you are on Sarahah and open to receiving feedbacks about yourself.

2) Once you have shared your Sarahah profile, you will start receiving anonymous messages. There will be no information about the sender of the message. The great part is that you cannot reply to those messages. However, the developers might allow you to reply to anonymous messages in the future.

3) You can also send anonymous messages to anyone you want to. However, that person has to be a Sarahah user as well.

4) As far as privacy is concerned, you can opt not to appear in search users list of the app and also disallow users to post. These options can be found under settings. So now you know How to Join Sarahah App.

How does Sarahah app work?

Like any other app, after you’ve downloaded Sarahah, you’ll have to set up an account. Simply put in your username, name, email, and enter a password. This messaging app doesn’t require your mobile number, which makes sense given this is about anonymity.

Once logged in, you can share your Sarahah link (it usually reads on Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp or copy the link and post it to a different social network. Anyone who has the link will be able to send you messages. This could be friends, even strangers who are on the app or those who are not even on the app. Here is Best App to Record Android Screen without Root

For sending a message, a user has click on the link, which will open a text box with a message, “Leave a constructive message.” Obviously, the constructive part is lost on most folks.  People can type in their message and hit send. When a user receives the message, they just get the text and don’t know who sent this particular message.

1) Don’t take this app seriously. Of course, don’t waste time and energy by thinking who could have possibly sent you a particular ‘feedback’. If you like the feedback, share it. Else, delete it and forget it.

2) Expect lots of fake feedbacks. So, don’t try to connect the dot always.

3) Lastly, it is just for FUN.

Sarahah is perfect territory for cyber bullying.  The problem is that avoiding some of the hate on the app is not easy. You can report a message, block user but what happens to those who send abusive messages is unclear.

Further you can go in the settings and disable the option to ‘Appear in search’. Another setting ensures that non-registered users can’t message you on the app. The big problem is there’s no way of knowing who’s sent you a message.

The app shows four icons below each message – a red flag to report message, block icon, reply, and a heart icon to mark message as favourite. Don’t mistake the reply button for actually replying to the person, who sent you the message. Reply, for some weird reason, lets you forward a message to friends via social media platforms such as Facebook, Messenger, Snapchat, WhatsApp, and more. So these are steps of How to Join Sarahah App.

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