INCREASE MEMORY CARD CAPACITY :SD cards are a useful form of mobile, external storage. A regular SD card can hold up to 2 GB of data as storage. When you run low on space, however, it can be problematic. So our team have decided to make a video Tutorial so that you can INCREASE MEMORY CARD CAPACITY. you can also Hide Apps On Android Phone.

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This method works same for pen drive & memory card. That means you can increase sd card size and Pen drive/USB drive size easily and no need to buy new sd card or pen drive to store more our previous post you can see how to increase internal storage in android phone by swapping your sd card.but now today we will talk about how to double sd card size with sdata software.


1. Download “SDATA Software” and place it on your pc.

2. Now format your sd card before applying the trick.[MUST]

3. Don’t use your android can use Card reader to attach your sd card with pc.

4. Make sure your sd card is properly formatted.

5. Now attach your sd card with pc via card reader.

6. After formatting it now Note down the SD card drive name.

7. Now open “SDATA Tool” folder and RUN the software.

8. Now a window will be open in front of you. Just select the sd card drive as shown in below screenshot.

9. Now after selecting your drive it will ask you “How much you want to increase”. For ex – if you are using 4GB sd card then it will ask you to convert into 8GB.

10. Now click on desired section and again click on “E-Compress Now”.

11. Now process will start automatically. just wait and don’t interrupt the process .otherwise it may brick your sd card.

12. After completing the process your sd card size will be double.

13. Now again repeat the process and covert your sd card size again for more space.


This is all about “how to increase sd card memory size up to 16GB or How to double your sd card size with pc?”Process is same for both pen drive and sd card. So now no need to buy new sd card for your storage. Just follow all above steps one by one and covert sd card size from 2Gb to 4GB to 8Gb to 16GB.


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