HOW TO INSTALL and USE XPRIVACY APP – In this post we will guide you if you don’t know HOW TO INSTALL and USE XPRIVACY APP. We have provided steps of HOW TO INSTALL and USE XPRIVACY APP and also we have provided alternative of Xprivacy App.

Do you know how to keep your information Secure? This is the best app to prevent hackers from grabbing your information as well as most of the apps which you install on your android phone take information of your device with out knowing you. Here’s Record Computer Screen video in HD without external software

They take Location, Your device IDs, Gmail and many more. To prevent this we have a wonderful app which will give fake information to the app which you want. Beginners wont understand the app easily but we will make it easy for you. Follow the steps below for to learn How to install & use Xprivacy.


XPrivacy is an Android app, which offers you to Hide your Mobile’s Information from any app. As you know, any app you install in your android phone, they take all of your data like Android Id, IMEI, Gmail id, Ip Address etc. So they will secretly store all of your information in their servers which is not good for our privacy.

So for Snoofing our device information, Send fake or disallow other party apps for do not take our info, this app is created. So this is very good application, which you can use in your Android Mobile Phone without any issues at all.


Why Xposed framework Is Necessary To Activate Xprivacy?Xprivacy is a module app which only runs on activating it on xposed framework

Now Its Time To Install & Activate Xprivacy Module App In Xposed Framework Installer:

  •  Once the installation is done you need to open Xposed framework> modules and click on check mark of Xprivacy app.
  • Now go back and complete reboot your phone. This is a must do step. No reboot then no activation of Xprivacy module in Xposed framework.
  • After reboot when you open privacy it will show you the list of apps installed in your phone.

How to use Xprivacy app for Beginners:

  • When Xprivacy module is opened it will load for a second and it will show you the list of apps which is in your phone.
  • Select the app which you want to spoof.
  • You will see many options like Identification, Phone, Location, System and many more.
  • Tick on the options which you want to give fake information. Like shown in the figure
  • Once selected. On the top right corner you will see 3dots. Click on that. You will get some options. Select settings and click on randomize all and save it.

Features of Xprivacy App:-

1) No ads in Xprivacy app.

2) This app is free to use.

3) Can be used for any app.

4) Easy to use without any prior knowledge.

Alternet to XprivacyDonkey Guard

So use above steps to install and USE XPRIVACY APP. If you are facing any issue in any step, comment below and we will try to resolve your query.

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