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There is a lot of misinformation spreading around about whether or not Is Emuparadise Safe? Emuparadise might have viruses or spyware or adware on it and whether any admins have anything to do with it. There are many Android games lovers and may have faced Discord Push to Talk Not Working Error.

Find Out Is Emuparadise Safe and Legal?

EmuParadise is entirely safe! Files for the games are added by users, that does, itself, pose a risk. However, it is a community-check trust system where if the file does contain malicious code, it will be reported and downvoted to oblivion. Plus, the site is moderated, and I’m sure they’re smart enough to use VirusTotal at least for newly uploaded files because of their popularity. (Or some other AV based on their server)

I have downloaded many roms from there and none have had viruses when I scanned then and none have shown up when I run virus scans on my pc. Emuparadise itself is safe, but they host user uploaded files, meaning that there’s no way of knowing. Best thing you can do is run a quick backup before you start downloading files.

Is Emuparadise Safe – Details with User Reviews

One thing to be wary of is that sites often have fake download buttons that serve up malware. You can avoid these kinds of tricks by first installing an ad blocker (Ublock Origin is currently the best) and also a script blocker like NoScript.

Looking for retro video games? You’ve come to the right place! You will find tons of roms, isos and games here. Download and play them with an emulator or play them right inside your browser window!

Why emuparadise is Preferred? Is Emuparadise Safe?

Below is Details of Emuparadise site and its features. You can read all details and find out  Is Emuparadise Safe?

Why Emuparadise?
  • 3 times the speed, even for free users!
  • We tested downloads from the biggest sites out there and found that downloads from emuparadise on average go at a WHOPPING 1MB/s whereas other websites can only manage about 300Kb/s.
  • We even let you choose which server you want to download from (so you choose the fastest one) and also whether you want to use HTTP or FTP.
More ROMs, More ISOs, More Games
  • Emuparadise has more content. Tons more! We have 40% more games than other sites.
  • We also have translated roms for those BELOVED JRPGs that you can now FINALLLY play! We don’t just do ROMs.
  • We carry Abandonware, ScummVM classic adventure game titles, and even MORE! With more content being powered by our community, you can find almost anything here!
Cool Sections

Want some game magazines ? We got ’em. Want Video Game Music – Uhh yeah! Want to download TV episodes of Pokemon ? Come to Emuparadise!

Responsible advertising and files
  • MasJ is growing old fighting with slimy malware advertisers. We take bad ad reports from our users *very* seriously. All our files are 100% clean – GUARANTEED!
  • You will always have a safe browsing experience at Emuparadise. That’s our promise!
A MASSIVE community!
  • We’re active on EPForums (the official emuparadise forums), Facebook and Twitter.
  • We love to help new people get into emulation and definitely like to help oldies get over problems too.
  • We run free gameservers for you to log onto and get your retro on!

The Emuparadise philosophy is to always improve. We’ll keep adding new content and features (did you know you can play those NES games right inside your browser ?!) to help you rediscover retro games. There’s always something new.. ahem.. old to play

The fact is that contrary to popular belief, Emuparadise does indeed have spyware on it. All the webHancer program does is keep track of what websites you go to and sends that information to its creators. But you can avoid getting webHancer by clicking “cancel” not close on the ads that come up when you load the page.

Hope, you have found your answer to Is Emuparadise Safe? still you have question then read below user review for Is Emuparadise Safe?

User Reviews for ‘ is emuparadise safe?’

Emuparadise is such an awesome website. I use it all the damn time. Great place to get ISOs an ROMs. I’ve been using this site for quite some time now, I have never gotten malware. That does not mean all the files are safe. As with every site, always scan your downloads. I highly suggest you visit this site for every ROM or ISO you need. And, as always, scan your downloads. If you feel uneasy about a download, then don’t download it.

Website that distributes old video game ROMs and ISOs which are legal to use as long as you have the real copy. Downloads are safe and in no way malicious, owner of the site seems to be honest and open about the things and the site is overall absolutely amazing!

Best ROM site ever. Does not flood with popups. Does not shove premium in your face at every turn. Does not display big red boxes telling you you’re using an ad blocker if you are. In fact, free users even get full download speed!

Even though premium users still have higher priority, this still means that on average, your download speed will be much higher than the usual 250 or 150 kb/s limits, and off-peak can be several mb/s.

Especially great for downloading larger GC or Wii roms. Overall, great experience. The only thing lacking is a more comprehensive library for more recent consoles – but if you’re looking for handheld or older games, you can be almost sure to find it what you want.

One of the best rom sites. However one should use caution when downloading games, if there is anything suspicious (File size, etc) don’t download it. Pretty much a rule for downloading anything, on any other website.

excellent site to download old roms 🙂 i’d highly recommend this site to anybody who’s an emu nerd 😉

For what it does, it’s a great site. I used to use CoolRom up until the point where certain pages were taken down and it added a download manager, but gratefully, I found a fix that was even better than the good coolrom I’d remembered!

Now you don’t need to disable your adblocker (but it’s still recommended you turn it off) to download roms and it’s got a good community. Sadly, Nintendo does not LIKE emulated versions of crap they make, which could make this site potentially illegal in the eyes of a few.

The site is safe, including most of their downloads. But keep in mind that they are user submitted, so always check on the download size (Next to the direct download link). If it’s at least 1 G, I recommend not downloading it, just in case. After downloading a ROM/Emulator I always advise you to run a virus scan with your best Anti-Virus program.

i used to get annoyed by the pop ups but then they allowed you to disable them i was good good site very safe.

The best website to download ROMS and ISO’s for a big variety of consoles (NES, SNES, GB, GBC, GBA, PSX, PS2, GCN) and emulators for the consoles as well. You also don’t have to get a download manager to download a file, and they are virus free. However, it is recommended to turn off Adblock while visiting this site.


Emuparadise is a website that lets you download old school video games and emulator consoles in .iso/ROMs. I have been downloading video games and emulator consoles for a very long time now from Emuparadise. I scanned them with multiple antiviruses and no detection.

Not only they have video games and console emulators but other medias as well—video game magazines, video game TV shows, game guide scans, and many more! Though, there are pop-ups, I just stay away from them. Install AdBlock and AdBlock Plus to get rid of them from your browser.

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